TSZT 4 (4M / 4M2) stationary, USSR, Russia
TSZT 4 (4M / 4M2) stationary, USSR, Russia

TsZT 4 (4M / 4M2) stationary, USSR, Russia


Centralized aircraft refueling with a dispensing system capacity of 4 m1968 / h. Introduced into service in 1. Designed for simultaneous refueling of 12 to XNUMX light aircraft (helicopters) in open and closed ways.

Modifications: TSZT-4M (s1974g) TSZT-4M2 (with 1989g) (Ris№8). Petrol is a set of special equipment, consisting of:

-raskhodnogo warehouse with fittings and piping connecting the reservoirs R-25 between themselves and pumping stations with feed warehouse;

-dvuh pumps 6NGMh2 trailer;

-dvuh separator units consisting of 4-x filter separators ST-500-3 each;

-sborno collapsible pipeline control-100, 2 forming the backbone and two distribution lines;

-12 FOR-4

-elektrooborudovaniya, radio equipment. Lightning.

The principle of operation of TsZT - 4 is as follows: fuel from the storage tanks is supplied by pumping stations through main and distribution pipelines, filling stations and filling units into aircraft fuel tanks. Aircraft refueling is carried out by refueling units in an open way through flexible hoses Du-50 with dispensing valves RP-40 or closed refueling tips 2561A.
The TsZ-4 set consists of two stations with 6NGM-7x2 pumps and ZIL-375 engines mounted on the chassis of a 2-PN-2 automobile trailer, PST-100 pipelines, a block of separators for separating free water, devices for supplying liquid "PVK", filter block type TFB, 12 filling units, alarm and control systems.



Capacity feed tank, m3


Pipe length, m


Performance transfer system, l / min


Number of filling units, units


Means pumping fuel: two pumps


The filter separator Brand


Attendants Crew.


Deployment time, h




Refueling the aircraft. Airport refueling equipment.

Refill the hub units of the system and their types

CZ 1 M 

MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3 

Petrol Renault

MAZ 4370 mobile unit 

Military refueling unit Peugeot

FOR TSZSVS system Mercedes



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