DarkStar, or the "Dark Star", an unmanned vehicle created by the Lockheed Martin and Boeing corporations. Its main purpose is to perform reconnaissance operations on a given territory. Work on the project the company began in 1994 year for the US military department. In total, 4 units of drones were built. The most successful model - RQ-3 Dark Star, which climbed into the air in March 1996 year. Using GPS, the UAV has successfully completed the flight and landing. At the first flight it reached a two-kilometer height. The unmanned vehicle makes flights for a distance of 925 km. The practical ceiling is 13716 m. At the same time it is able to be air about 8 hours.

The design of the UAV developers used technology "stealth", which helps to get behind enemy lines almost invisible to radar. All predecessors RQ-3 Dark Star, carrying out intelligence activities generally used film, new UAV used a digital data transmission in real time. The project has not received special popularity, and the lack of funding and a decent future for all undermined "Dark Star". The program was closed in 1999 year.

DarkStar. Characteristics:


Modification RQ-3
Wingspan, m 21.03
Length m 4.57
Height, m 1.06
The width of the fuselage, m 3.66
Maximum take-off weight, kg 3855
engine's type 1 turbofan Williams-Rolls FJ44-1A
Thrust, kgf X 1 862
Cruising speed, km / h 463
Practical range, km 925
Practical ceiling, m 13716


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