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Dassault and HAL will manufacture and supply the fighters Rafales

Dassault and HAL will manufacture and supply the fighters Rafales


In France, signed a contract for the sale of 126 Rafals combat aircraft for the Indian armed forces.

The main parties to the contract are the French Dassault company and the Indian HAL.

Under the contract the first 18 Rafals aircraft will be assembled in France and raised in India. Thereafter, the assembly will be moved to the Indian Territory, where the company will manufacture HAL and will be collected even 108 aircraft.

This practice of collecting aircraft first practiced at the insistence of the Indian side, the two companies take on certain commitments to the assembly, supply of components and control over the quality of the work undertaken.


The issue of transferring the assembly to Indian territory was one of the most controversial at the conclusion of the contract. The amount under the agreement is $ 12 billion. The negotiations were held with varying success over the past 3 years.

Dessault signed its first export contract also in February 2015 for the delivery of 24 Rafals combat aircraft to Egypt, along with a multipurpose frigate built by the French shipbuilding company DCNS. The delivery of Rafals aircraft, in the amount of 3 units, will be made in 2015. Paris and Cairo will discuss the final price and delivery terms shortly.

The company Dassault builds aircraft production and prepares 11 units to supply the French Air Force and Navy. During 2-3 months, the company plans to reach optimum production regime.

Dassault company receives the bulk of the proceeds from the sale of super-jet business class "Falcon". Products manufactured for defense, based on the production of fighter Rafales, carrying out the modernization of previously released aircraft and after-sales service, as well as the development of advanced military aircraft, including the development of unmanned prototypes that have been tested recently in France.


The Company also participates in a joint Franco-British project (FCAS) with a budget of $ 160 million. Agreement in which mutually beneficial for both parties and relate to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Total sales in 2014 were $ 3.68 billion, up from $ 4.6 billion last year. Adjusted net income of -398 million euros, which is below the 2013 figures of -487 million euros, or 22.3% lower, respectively.

The export production of the company is 89%. In 2014, 90 Sokol aircraft were delivered, compared to 64 in 2013. The revenue from the sale of the Sokol model in 2014 amounted to 2.7 billion euros.
In 2014 was released products by 693 million euros for defense orders, which is significantly lower than 2013 of the year —1.256 billion euros.

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