Dassault Mirage IV
Dassault Mirage IV

Dassault Mirage IV «Mirage 4»


Bomber "Mirage 4» was the main aircraft of the Air Force in France in the early 1960-ies. According to the characteristics, combat capabilities, he did not yield to the aircraft in its class in all countries.

The aircraft was manufactured in several versions: 4-01, 4-02, 4-03. The first flight took place respectively in October 12 1961 city Whenever good results were obtained, which is the basis for the production of aircraft in the series and of adopting it.


Dassault Mirage IV photo

Dassault Mirage IV photo

The plane has a delta wing without the horizontal tail, it was new in the aircraft industry.

Powerplant: two turbojet engines SNEGMA «ATAR» 9K thrust of 6800 kg.


Features Dassault Mirage IV «Mirage 4»:

  • Length m 23,5

  • Wingspan, m 11,85

  • Height, m ​​5,65

  • Wing area, m2 47,82

  • Take-off weight (max), kg 28 100

  • Empty weight kg 13 600

  • Ferry range, km 6100

  • Radius, km 800-1000

  • The ceiling, 16 000 m more

  • Flight speed (max height on 12 000), km / h 2340

  • Cruising speed at an altitude of 1200, km / h 960

  • Crew 2


Dassault Mirage IV scheme

Dassault Mirage IV scheme


weaponry: Hanging (max combat load, kg) one nuclear bomb 4UR AS 37 «Martel», bombs (6400)


In September 1960 of an airplane "Mirage 4» set a world speed record: 1000 km distance was covered at an average speed 1822 km / h.
By the beginning of 2000 "Mirage 4» was in service in several countries.


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