Demonstrator of the cost center designers
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Demonstrator promising high-speed helicopter

Demonstrator of the cost center designers


Well, that was born long-awaited demonstrator from a cost center for designers of high-speed helicopter program: "... it is designed for the armed forces and will have almost unattainable for today's world helicopter speed 400 km / h, which is almost twice the rate of multipurpose helicopter Mi-8/Mi-17». 

  “If we get more, we will be happy. Naturally, this helicopter will solve all the tasks that helicopters of the Kamov and Mil families are solving now ... ”, the commander in chief noted, adding that the helicopter should go into series with 2022 of the year. (Newspaper. Ru. 20.01.2016).

I believe that “this is not a royal case” for the Commander-in-Chief of the VKS, Colonel-General V. Bondarev, to predict the future for “high-speed” products from cost center designers, since they already “had” Mi-X1 with V = 520к / h, “Rachel” with V = 400 / h and finally a helicopter took off into the air - a demonstrator, which is supposed to test a high-speed main rotor. 

Ennobled Mi-24 became a single with improved streamlining of the fuselage. 

Here's a helicopter, and it was necessary to put in the early 80-ies. against the "Black Shark" instead of the two-seater with a large drag Mi-28, which even under the "watchful eye" of designers MVZ lost "Black Shark" three times! But to replace the pilot-operator in the helicopter would require expensive electronic equipment, and greed - it forwards all born! No, the money the state allocated cost center designers with an excess is always: "Execution of works on Ka-52 "Alligator" kamovtsy request to 2004 years 120 million rubles - were 8 million. Mil received 145 million rubles for the completion of the Mi-28N almost as requested. Presumably, that money is not only on helicopters Kamov design bureau "(05 May 2005, POLITICAL EN..) In the course has been started" convincing "screen at Sleep vigilance ministerial generals: the Americans have all combat helicopters - double, and the Americans - the most" clever ". So degenerated Mi-28 looks like a twin, similar to the American "Apache".


It is a pity that they didn’t improve the Mi-24 to the modern demonstrator, although it wouldn’t give out the desired 400 / h to V. Bondarev, but at that time it was not the main thing. The Mi-24 has a speed record of ≈370k / h, and this handsome man will increase his record by 10-20k / h due to lower drag and better quality of the main rotor. up to ~ 390 / h But the record is not the maximum and certainly not cruising speed (Mi-24: Vcr. = 260k / h; Vmax = 320k / h), therefore, Vkr. in 360 / h with a high probability of an unfulfilled wait by a respected general. 

Judge for yourself: for high-speed rotor test in the firm Sikorsky built the high-speed demonstrator and which accelerated to the speed = 460k / h. It was only after the tests on this demonstrator, they began to establish high-speed reconnaissance and combat rotorcraft S-97.

Eurocopter did the same, checking high-speed systems and units at the Eurocopter X3 high-speed demonstrator. 

Our outstanding designer Sergey Viktorovich Mikheev, whose words never disagreed with the case, on this issue says: "As the flying laboratory for the development of such solutions, the fastest of our today's helicopters, Ka-50 (the maximum speed at Flight with a decrease - up to 350 km / h), which by means of installation of additional propellers (for example, turbojet engines in the wing area) can be accelerated for another 100-150 km / h (On a helicopter with a rigid rotor - to aircraft speeds). Those. It hopes to bring the first speed Ka-50 450k to ~ / h, and then to check on it and the possibility of high-speed rotor.

Hence the question: is it possible at the medium-speed demonstrator to obtain the expected parameters for a high-speed main rotor ?, with the old adage to the distinguished commander-in-chief of the BKV, V. Bondarev: “They count the chickens in the fall”! 

While writing about the demonstrator, the liberals appeared very good news: JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation" will produce screwdriver "assembly of helicopters, Airbus Helicopters H135. The corresponding agreement was signed on Monday, January 25, within the XXI session of the Franco-Russian Council for Economic, Financial, Industrial, and Commercial Cooperation (CEFIC), is reported in the materials of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. "

Demonstrator 433

What is so unusual N135 his helicopter in the mighty Russian State indulgently allowed to collect from finished products into one?
Yes, the most common: the Indians, who are very long and carefully selected helicopters for its operation, prefer helicopters N135 our coaxial Ka-226T "with the assembly under license in India!"

It should be added that the replacement of obsolete Ka-226 already 1999g. I expected the first flight of the Ka-115.


Here LTH Ka-115:
"Maximum speed: 250km / h, cruising speed: 230km / h, rate of climb: 11.5m / s, dynamic ceiling: 5200м, flight range: 780km, payload: 700-900kg." 


But, alas!

We must assume that the government Medvedev aware that foreign helicopters sky-high prices, but due to compassion for refugees to the West, which flooded Europe like an ant colony, members of the Government and do not spare them the people's money in the form of construction of plants N135 assembly or assembly-type helicopters helicopters Bell 407GXP on UZGA (Ekaterinburg), sending our outstanding projects into oblivion!
In Tomilino on «HeliVert» full assembly is AW139 (AgustaWestland)Though our Ka-62 safer (zakapotirovan tail rotor), but otherwise, except for a fantastic price AW139, all the same, because they are real twins - brothers.

Demonstrator 44545

Here's eyes and got a real difference in the price of combat helicopters: "The cost of" Apache "is about 60 million dollars, and the Russian Mi-28NE not exceed 24 million" (Military materials 03.02.2016.). Here I will add that our price is the best in the world of combat helicopter Ka-52 is about $ 30 million.., Ie, half the price of money, but much more effective in the battle of Apache !. Americans for the replacement of "Apache" have long built "Comanche RAH-66", but after getting acquainted with our Ka-50 at the international exhibition, they sent Comanche to the museum and started designing a coaxial helicopter - a demonstrator Sikorsky X2 with stiff blades. At present, on the basis of high-speed H2 tested airborne combat S-97 Raider with an estimated cruising speed 407k / h.

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