Day of the Air Force long-range aviation
Day of the Air Force long-range aviation

Day of the Air Force long-range aviation

At the root of long-range aviation in Russia in December 23 twice became a historical date. It 23 December in the year 1913, in the sky for the first time there was a heavy bomber, the creator of which was Igor Sikorsky. The brainchild of the name they called Russian epic hero. The name "Ilya Muromets" clearly demonstrates that it was the largest aircraft transfer bomb on board in the world: four motor.

"Muromtsy" immediately earned for Tsarist Russia the glory of the founder of strategic long-range aviation. Exactly one year later, on December 23, the Imperial Decree was issued to form a squadron of these battleships to protect the homeland.

Now it becomes clear why no other date could not compete with 23 of December: it is, literally, the birthday of the Russian strategic aviation.

The fate of the first Russian bombers was sad. Despite the fact that during the war years “Muromtsy” exceeded all expectations (only one plane was shot down), then the Russians themselves destroyed them. The squadron was based in Vinnitsa, and when it became clear that the Germans were advancing, the Russians could not leave the planes to the enemy: they “burned the“ heroes ”.

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Day of the Air Force long-range aviation

The day of long-range aviation of the Air Force began to be celebrated in 1999 year by decree of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force. 2014 is a jubilee year: December 23 will be exactly one hundred years of long-range aviation. It is believed that the aforementioned decree of Nicholas II was the historical decision from which all Russian strategic long-range aviation begins.

By 100-year anniversary of carefully prepared and Staff range aviation Moscow Russia. On the Virgin's Field, which is located near the headquarters, planned to erect a monument to aviators-Dalnik. This decision was taken even 10 years ago: then was set the foundation stone. The issue of the construction of the monument do enthusiasts of the Council of Veterans of aviators: raised funds, organized a contest for the best design. The commander of long-range aviation Of the Russian Federation Anatoly Zhikharev helped to coordinate the project with the authorities.