Dobrolet VS Railways, as well as CSKA Moscow VS Lokomotiv
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Dobrolet VS Railways, as well as CSKA Moscow VS Lokomotiv

Dobrolet VS Railways, as well as CSKA Moscow VS Lokomotiv



Airline "Dobrolet ", subsidiary low-cost carrier"Aeroflot"received the same operator certificate, having so far only two aircraft in its fleet Boeing-737-800, But reserved in the "Aeroflot" SuperJet-100That is absolutely not suitable for loukost-traffic, but will fit as a protocol unit necessary for a procedural formality.

Now "Dobrolet", according to general director Vitaly Savelyev airlines, exploring potentially profitable routes, focusing on the priority areas from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Perm, Ufa, Samara and Yekaterinburg, in a radius of 2500 km from the capital of Russia. Flights scheduled to begin in July and the end of this year's fleet will grow to 8-of aircraft to a 2018-mu of the company's plans to grow five times.

Based "Dobrolet" will Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal B, where you can count on the lowest rates of service and favorable terms, thereby flights on the routes to be declared on 15% lower than the prices of "Aeroflot". In addition to the cost of the ticket will not include lunch, which also reduces the cost of the ticket. Alas, at the moment it is impossible to reduce the price to the previously announced 25% due to difficult economic conditions and the initial stage of a promotion campaign.


Dobrolet plane


Loukost market in the Russian aviation is yet in its infancy. Company SkyExpress could not long exist largely because create real competition in the market and could not survive under extremely complex conditions of survival, and the European low-cost airlines in this segment is not allowed even at the level of European flights, for obvious reasons. Irish from RyanAir so far, they still cannot draw up the documentation for starting work in St. Petersburg, apparently, this kind of red tape will be accompanied by their every intention to open a new route or expand their activities while in neighboring countries to Russia they, as well as other recognized leaders of the European market low-cost carriers are already developing their activities in full, not embarrassing "high-flying birds", who, as you know, have always worked for a different contingent of customers.


This is currently the continuation of football showdown

  between CSKA and Lokomotiv,

where "Army Aviation"

Club again looks interesting "railroad".


It is no secret that in Europe loukostery primarily focused on the contingent, which would not have used the services of aircraft and tried to get from conditional Vilnius to Paris by land transport, there are not direct competitors of "large" carriers, biting them only a small part of the traffic.

When the general director of Dobrolet Vitaly Savichev began to compare the promising prices for flights by his company's planes with the tariffication of railway transportation, placing himself in the segment between a reserved seat and a compartment car (let's not forget about a significant gain in time, which is often more important than money), it became clear that By creating Dobrolet, Aeroflot not only occupies a niche that their competitors could “stake out” for themselves, but also take a “piece of the pie” from Russian Railways. Such a continuation of the football showdown between CSKA and “Lokomotiv”, in which the “aviation-army” club again looks more interesting than the “railroad workers”.


Railways train


I would like, of course, that companies appear on the low-cost market that will compete according to the laws of the market with a subsidiary of the recognized leader of Russian air transportation, but in this situation we have to rejoice that this segment at least began to develop in this format among customers. " Aeroflot "has a choice - to fly with complete comfort or not, to pay attention to a small loss of time or not. And the aviation market will try to lure a number of potentially "iron" clients of Russian Railways, be that as it may. 


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