Dornier 328
Dornier 328

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The Dornier 328 is a short-haul passenger turboprop aircraft originally produced by Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH, which was acquired in 1996 by Fairchild Aircraft. The new aircraft construction company FairchildDornier produced Type 328 aircraft in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, sold through its own San Antonio office, and was busy supporting the aircraft in this range. 328 Support Services GmbH has been certified for this aircraft since 2006.

Design and development

328 (Do328) dates back to the time when Dornier was owned by DeutscheAerospace. The Do 328 took off for the first time on 06.12.1991; the aircraft entered commercial use in 1993. 328 new fuselage made it possible to accommodate 3 in a row passenger seats with the ability to configure four in a row. Along with the supercritical wing profile, which is inherited from the Do228, the Do328 received excellent cruising and takeoff characteristics. The Do 328 nevertheless entered the market at the same time as other turboprop aircraft models, and in the early 1990s, competition from new regional jet aircraft increased.

(AMSA) The Australian Coastal Security Service announced a deal in 2005 for an extended range search and rescue aircraft operating in Australian conditions. 5 copies 328-100 were transferred from 2006 to 2007 and began service on the coast of Australia. Such aircraft were equipped with modern electronics in the German company Aerodata AG, the complex included; Israel AerospaceIndustries ELTAEL / M 2022A radar, FSI StarSAFireIII ForwardLooking InfraRed (FLIR), DirectionFinder and ARGONST InfraRed / Ultra Violet scanner.


Dornier 328 Salon

Dornier 328 Salon



  • 328100 - First Option 328.

  • 328110 - Standard 328 with high takeoff weight and range.

  • 328120 - 328 with the possibility of a short landing and takeoff.

  • 328JET - turbofan engine, former 328300.



  • The main operators: Cirrus Airlines, Air Alps, Sun Air of Scandinavia, ScotAirways, Satena, South East Asian Airlines, Vision Airlines, Central Mountain Air. Nine more aviation companies use fewer planes danogo type.


Military operators

  • Australian Coastal Security (Australia).

  • Botswana Self-Defense Forces Aviation Wing (Botswana).

  • Special Operations Forces of the American Air Force (524 Squadron of the 27th Special Operations Aviation Wing) (USA).


Dornier 328 specifications:

  • Length: 21.11m.

  • Height: 7.24m.

  • Empty weight: 8920kg.

  • Wing area: 40sqm

  • Wingspan: 20.98m.

  • Cruising speed: 620 km / h.

  • Maximum speed: 850-870km / h ..

  • Ceiling: 9455m.

  • Flight range with maximum load: 1850 km.

  • Engines: 2 turbofan General Electric CF6 or PW-4000

  • Crew: 3 people (2 pilots, 1 steward).

  • Number of seats: 30-33mest.

  • Capacity: 3,450kg.

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 13990kg.

  • Avionics: Honeywell PRIMUS2000.


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