Duty Free Airport Kiev Borispol
Duty Free Airport Kiev Borispol

Duty Free Airport Kiev Borispol

One of the most famous and large airports of Ukraine is Kiev airport Borispol. It carries out approximately 65% of passenger traffic and every year serves about eight million people. Its strategic position is very profitable. It is located at the intersection of most airways, thus connecting Europe with Asia and America. About 50 foreign and national airlines carry out more than 100 regular routes through Boryspil. For comfortable passenger service, three terminals were built: B, D, E. In addition to the standard waiting rooms, cafes and restaurants, at the airport Borispol (Kiev) operates a duty free. Due to this, the airport is considered one of the most prestigious on the borders of the CIS countries.

Duty free shops at the Kiev Borispol airport

Recently airport authorities came up with the concept of commercial retail space in the control terminals D and B. It is agreed in advance with a minimum of Ukraine. According to the concept, the airport management in a separate order will organize free trade in stores Duty Free, a cooperative basis with the corresponding distributor. Thus, according to the plan leadership credibility will rise and service the airport. Moreover, this concept has been taken over from the airports of Singapore.

Duty Free Airport Kiev Borispol

On September due to administrative problems appeared most of the stores duty free network in Kiev Borispol airport was closed. The main reason was that the design of the lease in the fund of the state property of the country on a competitive basis. It is also influenced by a review of previous Customs permits for trade at the airport.

Because of this, the administration has lost a legal standpoint, control over the trading process. Lease operations are carried out directly by the State Property Fund, and between direct tenants who receive all the necessary permits directly from the Customs Service.

In November 2012, in Terminal D opened 2 shop Duty Free. They, along with a café and a mini bar placed behind the passport control booth right in the gallery of departure. It is considered a sterile area. Tenant terminal became the Donetsk Company ANP (Trademark PAVO Duty Free). This trade zone and passenger service has expanded significantly. And thanks to the duty free shop at the airport you can buy a lot of goods, thus saving on the cost. Most are expensive to buy and strong alcoholic beverages, tobacco products (genuine), branded perfumes and cosmetics.

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