The engine that waited. Miniature gas turbine engine for small aircraft.
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The engine that waited. Miniature gas turbine engine for small aircraft.

The engine that waited. Miniature gas turbine engine for small aircraft.



On the problem of light engines for small aircraft, did not write unless only in the "yellow" press. They wrote a year ago, and two years, and ten years ago. Accepted development program Caller ID, to the development of pulmonary small motors connected Central Institute of Aviation Motors CBOS them. AV Baranova. Accepted government aid programs for equipment manufacturers to AON. Flashed in the press and on television planes of domestic development. Flashed and disappear. Somewhere they fly, somewhere they are tested.

Only here in the field sites and aerodromes AON, still Cessna, Robinsons and Tecnam foreign fly. A machine of Russian design, not counting of course Yakov, look more like a curiosity. And, as in the previous years, everyone says and writes about the absence of a domestic light engine. Why not, at least, do, as was done in the former Soviet times. A huge country was not shy to take a foreign engine, adapt it to the capabilities of our production, improve something, lose somewhere in quality, but at the output there is our domestic engine that can serve as a model and prototype for a whole line of modernized engines. The domestic history of aviation development is full of similar examples, and even there is no point in bringing them here.


And where is the cart?

So, in the vast country, almost no infrastructure for the production of piston engines, low power. Such would have been able to raise our small aircraft and put it what is called "on the wing".

However, there is a way out of this situation. Output can not be the fastest, and easiest, but there is. It is the development of their own domestic micro and minidvigateley TBG (turbine engine).

Huge companies, consortia and various Federal State Unitary Enterprise (who does not know it is Federal State Unitary Enterprise), studying the problem, developing conceptual designs, create an enterprise with foreign participation and mastering state investments. Probably, after the nth number of times we have at the exit of these corporate efforts and get some kind of finished product.


CIAM is the R & D

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Institute of Aviation Motors. PI Baranov" broad front leads the R & D development of advanced gas turbine and piston engines in the interest of development of unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and helicopters of small aircraft. "AviaPort" systematic presentation of results Head of Sector performances CIAM (small-sized CCD) Vladimir Lomazova and Head of Sector CIAM (AP) Alexander Kostyuchenkova at the II International Conference "unmanned aircraft - 2015".


  • " promising piston engine operation

In Russia completely absent production of piston aircraft engines for unmanned aerial vehicles, and light aircraft and helicopters at the moment, which makes domestic designers to use foreign-made aircraft engines. Due to the huge demand for such engines, CIAM conducts research and is working on projects promising piston aircraft engines for the benefit of their use on unmanned aerial vehicles, light aircraft and helicopters. "


  • "...Basic requirements for aircraft engines

The main criteria for the creation of advanced engines were operating costs assigned TBO and fuel efficiency, which together determine the cost per flight hour. The calculations showed that this class of engine flight hour cost should be no more than 500 rubles per flight hour (excluding the cost of fuel and lubricants), the technical resources must be no less than 8000 hours. Under these terms of life cycle costs 3,2 million. Rubles in current prices. "


  • "... The new technology of small-size GTE

CIAM carries out works on introduction of the newest technologies for weight reduction, improvement of quality of separate units and details. It was confirmed that the cost of manufacturing the compressor wheel was reduced by almost 20 against the classic wheel with plug blades. Due to the use of modern casting technology, the rotor price is reduced by approximately 15-18 times compared to the rotor of a standard auxiliary power unit of the same dimension that is on domestic aircraft. As a prototype, a starter-generator with a possibility of untwisting up to 90 thousand revolutions, which is put on the shaft without a reducer, is made and will be tested at the stand and significantly reduces the engine mass. It provides power up to 4 kW and has a mass of only 700 grams, against today's 10 kg. "

(Based on portal aviaport  httr: //



Laboratory intellectual mechanics "Audit Analyst" (AA +)

This was an intriguing title hides a group of enthusiasts who designed, created, and is currently already experiencing the first prototype of a micro gas turbine engine.

The engine that zhdali1


Sergey Zhuravlev, CEO, inspirer and generator of ideas laboratories with their child in her arms.


That's what says about his team Sergey Zhuravlev, Director General of Intellectual Mechanics Laboratory "Audit Analyst" (AA +):

"Who are we?

The team of models and prototypes of complex systems (ecosystems), and management algorithms, both in technical and humanitarian spheres.

Our competence is based on its own concept of the organization of the design community, distributed (network) production and continuous improvement line of high-tech products in the test and assembly complex. We do not consider it necessary to buy machines and build a factory. In Russia, it has so much excess capacity, and buying the latest equipment that they need to download the work. "


Sergey is full of optimism and a healthy realism, and it has for that reason.

"We were given a rare chance to enter the world's elite manufacturers of small turbines. Minimizing and localization, robotics and autonomy - trends XXI century, which is still possible to build on an equal footing with the leaders of the small power supply aviation, unmanned aircraft, local power. In Russia, very strong physical and mathematical, materials science and engineering school. Their capacity allows for minimum volume turbine to achieve the maximum, the values ​​of efficiency, primarily operational, small forces and means. "

The engine, which zhdali2


The prototype of the thruster GTE ICA series

It should be noted that the development of low-thrust turbine installations is only one of the areas that has been laboratory AA +, and this project is completely private, and perhaps that is why, after all the calculations and design study samples, they have to exit the finished prototype.

The engine, which zhdali3


So casually, on the windowsill, on a notebook with calculations and diagrams fit first prototype turbine engine of the thruster ICA brand. The founder of a series of motors of different power, which can be used in various industries.

The engine is already being tested on the bench in the laboratory. Here some of its parameters, which are already well defined:

Basic data of the prototype low-thrust turbine engine series uA (micro air):

  • Weight - 2060 c.

  • Length - 324.00 mm

  • The diameter of the main - 115.00 mm

  • Width with pylons - 128.00 mm


  • Maximum Thrust - 200 N

  • Link working - 160 N

  • Fuel consumption (at max deadlift.) - 460.00 ml\min

  • Used fuel - kerosene \ diesel

  • The maximum speed of rotation - 120 000 about \ min


"Designed engine differs from our KB studied analogues, form factor, materials, characteristics. As well as pre-thought-out integration into a range of products. "

Dmitry Rybakov

Deputy Director for Innovation Group "Unmanned Systems"


The Group of companies "unmanned systems" are so confident in the prospect of a series of engine development laboratory that started promising UAV design specifically for them.

I am absolutely sure that after a while, we will see, light, powerful and economical engines Lab AA + not only in light airplanes, gyroplanes and helicopters, but also to a large aeronautical engineering.

The engine, which zhdali4


In conclusion, I would like to give another statement by Sergei Zhuravlev:

"The team decided to develop a small turbine engine with big ambitions. Presenting it to you, we are proud that did not copy the existing analogues in the world, and applying modern methods of analysis and simulation, the latest technology and materials to create complex power device as a platform of scientific and technical solutions with great development potential and application range.

Russia is the world's leading aircraft engine can not remain aloof from the revolution in the sphere of application of the small gas turbine power plants. We are, as we can, contribute to the formation of a new market, the organization of research and debugging technology in small and micro energy systems. "

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5 engines with variable thrust vector and a ready-made UFO with a landing pad on the roof of the house.

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We would like to know more about the engine and on the possibilities to get it to the test
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The desired design, a compact engine can be used for vertical take-off and landing.

Do Motors (HV) for airplanes, helicopters, airships, balloons, stratospheric balloons, and for others who will fly and ride through the power lines (high voltage) and Railways line to the most remote villages.

Good day. Is it possible to use gas as a fuel? Also important is the noise level.

It is possible, with some fine-tuning.

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