"Leaky" safety of Russian airports
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"Leaky" safety of Russian airports

"Leaky" safety of Russian airports

Today, when Russian experts are studying carefully the safety of large international airports, detected shortcomings in the continuous security of their own air harbors that can turn into major problems. We are talking about the sensational details of how on the eve of the day, 11-year-old Moscow schoolgirl, being able to overcome several security posts in the capital's Vnukovo airport, not only could anyone unnoticed sneak on board passenger aircraft, but also to carry out flight "hare" in St. Petersburg.

Dear readers will surely agree with the opinion that the case is of an extraordinary character, relating primarily to the management of the capital's air harbor. A young child not only managed to get to the airport by himself, but also without any secrecy, overcame several security posts, dozens of CCTV cameras, not to mention passport control and boarding a passenger aircraft. According to the author, the fault is negligence, accompanying with the safety completely absent from Vnukovo airport, which was actually proved by the actions of 11-year-old girl. It would seem that nothing dangerous happened, in fact, there was a terrorist at the site of the child, and experts believe that in this case this story could happen again, since if the protection of an air harbor easily missed a little girl, without even asking who And where it goes, what can we talk about radical people who are able to change into the uniform of the airport workers and make false documents.

Experts are sure that such an incident can be far from the only one, which however is difficult enough to prove, as well as refute after the incident. Most likely it is necessary to establish the security system of large Russian airports as efficiently as possible, using maximum powers, and not only to introduce a new system, but also to regularly check it, and in case even hard measures do not work, apply criminal sanctions to Persons holding relevant positions and positions, otherwise, because of small gaps, very large problems may appear.

Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro

Yuri is likely that 11-old girl spent on board by means of airport workers and flight attendants with the acquiescence and the crew sent to Pulkovo.
For this option says the fact that the child "overlooked" when boarding a plane and found only in the terminal Pulkovo. She would not be able to "stick" to a large family in any way. Passengers are allowed to board the plane strictly by boarding passes. Then on board all the passengers counted "on the heads" of those sitting in the armchairs (consider even infants) and check with the number in the Passenger list. And if there is no correspondence, flight attendants recount again and again, report to the crew and the co-pilot confirms compliance with the documents. That is, if the girl "slipped" past the control at the airport, then it would be at 100% found flight attendants on board the aircraft. There is obvious "conspiracy" and, first of all, the b / conductors of the carrier of the moved "rabbit" are guilty.

The airport employee passes control on general grounds. How he can hold someone, I do not understand. I will admit passing control individually, an electronic card entrance and a personal search.

That's the theory, so to speak, as it should be in practice since here is that, in fact, this prodemon6strirovanla devchushka.Kontrol missing and what the conspiracy in this story is not present.



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