James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo.
James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo.

James Dzhebara ("jab"). Biography. Fighting. Photo.

James, for the Korean War, was a well-trained pilot with several victories in Europe. He hit Korea at the start of 1951. 3.04.1951 scored his first victory on a jet fighter, and a week later another MiG fell under his scope.

James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 1

In April, James had to go to war in Japan, but its service life extended. This war has been greatly unpopular in the United States, but also, that there are very few people understand what is really going on. As the army propaganda purposes desperate ace, Dzhebare allowed to remain in the ranks, where he had to prove himself in order to accomplish the task.

Fifth victory he had to wait a long time, a month passed. 20 May 35 000 height in feet had a big fight. Dzhebara wanted to throw fuel tanks, but hung one of them. Despite this, the pilot threw himself into the thick of the fight and began to chase the MiG. Following his maneuvers, he took up a position and released 3 turns hitting the wing.

James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 2

MiG went into a tailspin. Dzhebara with his wingman followed him and saw the pilot ejected. Back on the field of battle, gaining height Dzhebara another MiG shot down by logging into his tail. Again, violating the rules of ethics of the air, he followed down for its prey and suddenly at the height of 6500 feet encountered two MiGs. Within two minutes he Dzhebara maneuver to break, and then two Sabre came to his aid. He was the first American ace in the war.

James Dzhebara ( "jab"). Biography. Fighting. A photo. 3

In January 1953 of Dzhebara he returned to Korea, but 5 months luck accompanied him. then again it was to carry - he shot down another MiG 9. With 15-th victory, he became the second American ace.

Jabara 17.11.1966 was killed in a car crash.

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It also seems to be Pepeliaev knocked down, then he took out Sabre in the Union for the "experience"



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