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Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



Eddy was born in South Africa. During the war, the Germans flew in 2-Squadron South African Air Force.

In 1947, he went to Palestine. He served in the squadron, which was called "Tel Aviv." With him it consisted Boris Senor, Ezer Weizman, Modi Alon 6 and other pilots.

15.01.1948 of Eddie participated in the first "group" departure of young Israeli Air Force. This group was created to supply the Gush Etzion settlement. Boris Señor flew on a small transporter, which had armed with hand grenades and machine gun, and Weizmann and Cohen piloted "Auster".

Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 1


29 May Eddie got up from the airport, while at the helm S-199. He Alon, Weizmann and Lennart soared 19: 45. Each aircraft was carrying bomb 2 (70 kg). The goal was an Egyptian column (500 12 trucks and tanks), located near the Ashdod.

Lou Lenart made a dumping bombs and made another 2 approach, attacking the enemy with machine guns. Alon shot ammunition and went back, but he had no luck landing - due to brake failure fighter received a lot of damage.

At the Weizmann also had problems - refused guns. But he attacked the enemy by using guns. But really unlucky Eddie Cohen. His fighter was shot down by anti-aircraft fire, but he got in touch with the commanders on the ground and said that everything is fine and is going to sit down. However, he made a mistake and got to the airport Hazor, captured the enemy, in this case the plane crashed and the pilot died.

Eddie Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 2


Material damage from the raid was minimal, but has a psychological effect. Egyptians stumbled on persistent resistance on top and on the ground, lost the initiative. Positional battles ensued.

In 1949 Mr. Cohen remains were reburied.


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