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EF-152 - passenger plane
EF-152 - passenger plane

EF-152 - passenger plane


EF-152 - passenger aircraft. I designed on the basis of a bomber «EF-150». He had to carry a passenger 72 at supersonic speeds (M = 1,5-2).

On the plane to 1948-1949-ies. 29 was carried out test flights, including working with LRE.


Basic tactical and technical characteristics of the aircraft EF-152

  • The construction of the prototype 1958
  • Powerplant TRD 014A
  • Link kg 4x3150
  • Launch weight, kg 50 000
  • Empty weight
  • Aircraft kg 30 000
  • flight speed, km / h 875
  • Ceiling, m 11 000
  • Flight range, km 3150


The plane was not built as standard, as at that time there was a domestic Tu-104.




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