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Economic indicators Lufthansa

Economic indicators Lufthansa


Operating profit in 2014 Lufthansa has increased by up to 37 954% mln. Euros, but net profit fell to 82 55% mln. Euros compared to the previous year.

In June last year, the German airline lowered its targets for operating profit from the billion 1.3-1.5. 1 billion euro. Euro due to the forecasts of experts to reduce passenger and freight traffic. Adjusted operating profit rose slightly less than 13 1.18% to bn. Euros, while revenues remained at 30 bln. Euro. The company is going through difficult times of the economic crisis.

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Indicators of monetary turnover remained at the same level due to lower fuel prices. Expenditures decreased due to the declining trend in oil prices - 364 million. Euro, also achieved savings due to sound policies expenditure for the replacement of engines and the purchase of new aircraft, which reduced the cost -351 mln. Euros.

The sharp decline in net profit is the result of several factors. This is primarily due to the decline in the market value of shares of the budget of the company Jetblue Airways B.

According to German tax laws and regulations on accounting according to the results of operations for the year the company has 2014 732 million. Euro net loss. At the end of the year will not pay dividends, and losses offset by the capital reserve.


As a result, the airline 2015 Lufthanse Group expects to receive an operating profit of 1.5 bln. Euro. The company is one of the largest airlines in Europe, engaged in passenger and cargo transportation on 18187 routes to Africa, America, Asia and Europe using its own fleet consisting of more than 280 aircraft. The company is a co-owner in a number of companies: the Swiss international air routes,

Austrian Airlines, Germanwings and Lufthansa airlines techniques. Transportation made with regard to the fleet of subsidiaries at a 620 different aircraft models. At the end of the year 2012 103 transported mln. Passengers.

The company's headquarters is in Cologne. The main transport hub is Frankfurt airport. The bulk of the traffic is carried out using the airports of Munich and Dusseldorf. The airline is one of the five founders of the alliance "Star Alliance" formed in 1997 year.

Before 1994, the company was the state, and after the privatization of 88.52% belongs to private owners, as well as the IPF Gezeldshaft für Luftverkenrswerte - 10.5%. Deutsche Postbank - 1.03%, Deutsche Bank - 0.4%.

Starting with 1070 years in the company of a policy to acquire the company's shares to its employees. During the privatization, employees of the company received more than 3% of the shares. In the early 2013, the administration announced plans to transfer its office from Cologne to Frankfurt, the move should occur in 2017 year.


Lufthansa is established in 1918 by entrepreneur Otto Farley. Company was awarded in 1925 year.

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