Elektrolet Rui Xiang RX1E
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Elektrolet already in mass production

Elektrolet already in mass production


While economists believe the theoreticians of the aircraft broadcast, what will he the plane of the future, the Chinese are doing is the future now.

Until recently presented at the air show plane with a complex called Rui Xiang RX1E, 4 December received a license to produce. The manufacturer Shenyang Aerospace University, with the support of the Liaoning Academy of General Aviation, say that they already have an order for aircraft 28. And it's not surprising. The aircraft can be used as the first step in teaching pilots how easy walking, touring and sports plane.


The plane is assembled entirely from composite materials. Maximum takeoff weight 480 kg. Swipe vysokoplana 14,5 meters. Maximum speed 150 km \ hour. RX 1 E can hold in the air on one battery charge - 40-60 min. And the need to reload and a half hours. The aircraft electric power 30 kW. The ceiling of the aircraft 3000 meters.


These aircraft is quite usual for this class, if not to take into account the cost of operation, which will cost much cheaper than the cost of a fellow with a piston engine.

According to Chinese experts, one half hours charging lithium battery will cost 82 US cents. And, do not need no oil, no routine maintenance. There is no danger of failure due to fuel quality or other technical reasons. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Uncover, checked charging the battery, or just put them in charge, and after an hour and a half, sat down and flew.

This aircraft can really become a mass for training pilots license PPL (private pilot). To obtain such a license, in addition to theoretical training needs completed not less than 42 hours. Of course, it's all very individual, someone and 30 hours runs out, and someone will be few and 50. But take 42 hours. And it's a given. So, the lion's share of the cost of the one-hour flight takes the cost of fuel. A major obstacle to the education of young people to fly light aircraft, is the high cost of training in flight schools and training centers.

Imagine how simple and cheap can be trained using the aircraft on electricity. How can change the entire infrastructure of the airfield small aircraft. How electric airplanes greener and safer.

Especially for the portal Avia.pro Valery Smirnov.

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