Embraer ERJ-135
Embraer ERJ-135

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In 1997, the EMBRAER management decided to use the success gained in the ERJ145 program more widely, as a result of which a regional airliner with a smaller fuselage for 37 seats was added to the family line. Work on the EMBRAER ERJ135 project was officially started in 1997, two analogues were pre-production redesigned ERJ145. The new aircraft made its maiden flight on 04.07.1998, and its initial customer was the Continental Express, which received the first production aircraft in July 1999 (EMBRAER had received options and firm orders for 139 of these aircraft at that time).

The ERJ135 is 90% compatible with the ERJ145 - similar wing, cockpit, tail and main systems. The main difference is the fuselage, shortened by 3,53 meters. The layout of the passenger compartment seats (2 + 1) has been preserved. The similarity of both machines makes it possible to achieve simplified maintenance and training of flight personnel and, as well as reduce operating costs.


Embraer ERJ-135 Salon

Embraer ERJ-135 Salon


EMBRAER also attempted to bring to the market an additional option - the 44-seat ERJ140 (first took off on July 27.07.2000, 600), but the unfavorable situation in the international air transportation market, provoked by the terrorist attacks in the United States, made it impossible to achieve success in this direction. The Legacy135 businessjet designed to carry eight passengers, created on the basis of the ERJ XNUMX, turned out to be more successful. The aircraft was in demand among military and civilian customers.


Embraer ERJ-135 scheme salon

Embraer ERJ-135 scheme salon




  •  ERJ135 is the first serial modification.

  •  ERJ135ER - modification with a longer range, based on 135 variations, designed for 37 passengers.

  •  ERJ135LR - modification with a longer range (engines were improved and fuel tanks increased).


Embraer ERJ-135 features:


  • Length: 26.33m.

  • Height: 6.76m.

  • Empty weight: 10684kg.

  • Wing area: 51.18sqm

  • Wingspan: 20.04m.

  • Cruising speed: 882km / h..

  • Ceiling: 11200m.

  • Flight range with maximum load: 3360 km.

  • Engines: 2hTRDD Allison AE3007A3.

  • Link: 2h33.0kN.

  • Crew: 2 people.

  • Number of seats: 36-37mest.

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 20000kg.

  • Weight Fuel 4173kg.

  • Payload: 4700kg.


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