Embraer ERJ-140
Embraer ERJ-140

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The last option aviation liner series ERJ145, became ERJ140. The plane is the direct heir of the aircraft EMB145 (ERJ145) and takes between the aircraft and it ERJ135 intermediate position. Plane constructively on 96 percent unified with ERJ135. Yet there are some differences: the new nose (longer on 2.85metra), reinforced landing gear of variation ERJ145ER.

The ERJ-140, designed for the 44 passenger, was considered a justifiable acquisition, for airline companies and using them on routes that ERJ135, or as an aircraft suitable in a mixed fleet of ERJ, for use on routes with varying needs with a regular frequency depending on time of day. So, ERJ135 flew in the early morning, and during peak hours, in the evening and in the morning, the route was provided by the larger ERJ140.

The aircraft was first introduced to 30.09.1999 at the European Regional Air Transport Association, which was held in Paris. This aircraft took off for the first time 27.07.2000 and had excellent prospects. At the end of 2000, American Eagle placed a pre-order for 130 aircraft, but ERJ140 appeared at the wrong time on the market. After 11 September, the attacks of terrorists, the market for these machines in the United States has almost disappeared.

ERJ-140 Salon

ERJ-140 Salon

Price samoleta- priblizitelno15.2 million.

Embraer-140 (Embraer ERJ-140) is a shortened version of the model ERJ145. The plane was designed specifically for aviation companies in the US who needed a regional aircraft with a total capacity less than fifty seats.

ERJ140 has two variations that differ in volume of fuel tanks and flight range: ERJ140ER (ExtendedRange) and ERJ140LR (LongRange). The aircraft used on the routes since 2001, at providing "feeder" transport in big American airports.

Airlines, aircraft operators: Chautauqua Airlines, American Eagle Airlines.

ERJ-140 scheme salon

ERJ-140 scheme salon


ERJ140 serial first modification.

ERJ140ER modification with a greater range, based on the 135 variation, is designed for 37 passengers.

ERJ140LR modification with a greater range (improved engines and increased fuel tanks).

Features Embraer ERJ-140:

Length: 28.45.

Height: 6.75.

Empty weight: 11740kg.

Wing area: 51.18 sq. M.

Wingspan: 20.04.

Cruising speed: 822km./h.

Ceiling: 11280m.

Flight range with maximum load: 3020km.

Engines: 2hTRDDAllisonAllisonAE3007A1 / 3.

Link: 2h33.0kN.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Number of seats: 44mesta.

Maximum take-off weight 21100kg.

Weight Fuel 5187kg.

Payload: 5360kg.

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