Embraer ERJ-145
Embraer ERJ-145

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Embraer ERJ145 - type jet regional aircraft release Embraer, Brazil. The class includes models ERJ135 (37passazhirov), ERJ 140 (44passazhira) and ERJ145 (50passazhirov) and Legacy600 (biznesdzhet) and R99 (military version). ERJ145 - the largest in the family of aircraft. Each plane of this type has two turbofan engine. The main competitor of the class is the class ERJ 145 release CRJ Bombardier (Canada).

Production aircraft family ends. Thus, in the first half year 2012 not produced any ekzemplyarasamolёta.



Embraer ERJ-145 plane

Project History




ERJ145 was first presented at the air show in LeBurzhe 1989 year as a variation EMB120 Brasilia, equipped with two turbofan engines. The main indicators of the proposed model were:

Engines placed on the fuselage.

Right wing.

75 percent parts compatible with EMB120.

Flight range of 2500 kilometers.

Design Phase

Embraer engineers to 1990 years conducted tests using a wind tunnel, as a result of the design was largely changed in comparison with the EMB 120. New features:

The angle of the wing is 22.3 °.

Engines placed on the wing.

Maximum range is 2500 kilometers.




A second test aircraft in a wind tunnel gave much better results, as a result it was decided to change the wing and move engines from the wing to the rear of the aircraft. The New Face of the aircraft was at the end of 1991 years, but for some time the project was shelved. Despite the large number of new settings from the aircraft EMB 120 inherited a number of technical solutions, including krnfiguratsiyu interior 2 + 1. The main features of the project are:

The engines in the rear of the plane

Wing sweep without endplates

T-shaped tail

Maximum range 2500 km

In connection with the change in shape of the plane was a great delay in its preparation for production. It was necessary to unify the most new aircraft from EMB120Brasilia. Nevertheless, a huge number of orders has played a big role in that project took place.


Variations of plane


96 percent ERJ140 parts interchangeable with ERJ145, for the crews of these planes are identical. Differences in the shorter fuselage, certain changes in the control of the engine and longer-range flight. Initially set the price of manufacturing Embraer ERJ140 in 15,2 million. Price development ERJ140 estimated at 45 million. ERJ135, the use of which began in the year 1999, 95 percent contains parts that are identical ,, ERJ 145, but he 3,6 meters shorter.

In ERJ145 provides 50 places while ERJ140 calculated on 44, and ERJ135 - on 37. ERJ140 planned with a reduced number of places because of the requirements amerkanskih aviation companies ,, which concluded with the pilots union treaty on limitations applicable to local and fifty planes.

Embraer in 2003 year, created a company, with HarbinAircraftManufacturingCorporation from the Chinese city of Harbin. Harbin Embraer joint venture started production ERJ145 together with other plants Embraer for the Chinese market.




Civilian models


ERJ135ER - long range, based on 135 variation. It ERJ145 less long, less than thirteen seats, is designed only 37 passengers.

ERJ135LR - long range (improved engines and increased fuel tanks).

ERJ140ER - Short ERJ145, the number of passengers decreased by six, it is designed only 44 passenger.

ERJ140LR - long range (improved engines and increased fuel tanks).

ERJ145STD - basic model

ERJ145EU - a model for Europe. In the usual volume of fuel tanks 145STD (4174kg) over the maximum takeoff weight (19990kg).

ERJ145ER - long range.

ERJ145EP - If the volume of fuel tanks 145ER (4174kg) over the maximum takeoff weight (20990kg).

ERJ145LR - long range (improved engines and increased fuel tanks).

ERJ145LU - If the volume of fuel tanks 145LR (5187kg) over the maximum takeoff weight (21990kg).

ERJ145MK - If the volume of fuel tanks 145STD (4174kg), and the corresponding maximum take-off weight of more than the maximum weight of the aircraft without fuel (17700kg)

ERJ145XR - long range (numerous aerodynamic improvements, plus a fuel tank (located in the rear part) in addition to the two large main tanks located in the wings (same tanks as the models LR), greater weight, top speed and more powerful engines).

Legacy - Biznesdzhet based ERJ135.


Military Model


C99A - transport aircraft;

EMB145SA (R99 modelA) - Modification to the AEW;

EMB145RS (R99 modelB) - Modification to the FLIR and SAR;

EMB145MP / ASW - maritime patrol modification.


Embraer ERJ-145 Salon

Embraer ERJ-145 Salon



Countries operating military purposes:







Civilian operators




The main operators:

United States

Chautauqua Airlines;

AmericanEagle Airlines;

ExpressJet Airlines.

Other aircraft used 9 other aviation companies.




The main operators:

United States

Chautauqua Airlines.

American Eagle Airlines;


ERJ 145


The main operators:

United Kingdom

Bmi regional;









LOT Polish Airlines;

United States

Chautauqua Airlines;

American Eagle Airlines;

Freedom Airlines;

ExpressJet Airlines;

Trans States Airlines;

Mesa Airlines;


TAIR Airlines;





Other planes are used in more 13 aviation companies.


Embraer ERJ-145 scheme salon

Embraer ERJ-145 scheme salon


Features Embraer ERJ-145:


Length: 28,45m.

Height: 6,76m.

Empty weight: 11740kg.

Wing area: 51,2kv.m.

Wingspan: 20,04m.

Maximum speed: 834km / h..

Ceiling: 11278m.

Flight range with maximum load: 3019km.

Engines: 2 × turbofan RollsRoyce AE3007A.

Link: 2h39,7kN.

Number of seats: 44mesta.

Maximum interior width: 3,5m.

Maximum weight without fuel: 17100kg.

Maximum takeoff weight: 21100kg.

Rate of climb: 780m / min.

Specific load on the wing: 334kg / sq.m.


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