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ALPHA blades, small moveable airfoil on the side of the fuselage, informing the plane angle relative to the air flow for the stall warning system (on the wing).


ALTERNATE, That change from one condition to another.

ALTERNATIVE (SPARE, OPTIONAL), to replace the one state by another.

ALTIMETER SETTING, The adjustment of the altimeter to account for local variations in atmospheric pressure.

Altimeter setting, adjust the altimeter based on local variations in atmospheric pressure.

ALTITUDE ACQUIRE, A digital flight control system mode to transition from climb (or descend) to level flight.

To the height mode digital flight control system in the transition from the regime of climb (or descent) to horizontal flight.

ALTITUDE ALERT, A flight deck alert occuring when the airplane approaches or departs a selected altitude.

WARNING height, an alarm in the cockpit, which appears when the plane reaches or leaves a predetermined height.

ALTITUDE CAPABILITY, The maximum altitude at which the airplane can be flown at for a given thrust, speed and atmosphere condition.

For height, limiting the opportunity for the altitude at which the aircraft can fly at a given thrust, speed and atmospheric conditions.

ALTITUDE HOLD, A mode of the autopilot or flight director to maintain a selected altitude.

Height-keeping, autopilot or flight director to maintain the desired height.


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