Squadron "Lafayette» (2006)
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Squadron "Lafayette» (2006)

Squadron "Lafayette» (2006)

Squadron "Lafayette» - Fighter squadron as part of the French Air Force during the First World War. It was formed primarily from American volunteer pilots in 1916. During the war, the squadron lost 51 to the first person and shot down 159 of enemy aircraft. In February, 1918 Squadron was transferred to the US Air Force with all property and personnel. By November 1918, the squadron pilots had destroyed 49 enemy aircraft. Squadron talisman were two cubs Whiskey and Soda.

Based on the history of the squadron "Lafayette" was shot two films of the same name: in 1958, dir. William A. Velman and 2006, dir. Tony Bill (original translation of “The Pilots”). Also in the television series "The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones" is an episode dedicated to the squadron "Lafayette."

Squadron "Lafayette» (2006) 1

The airplane was just invented, but it has already been turned into a combat vehicle. Young pilotsWho were the first fighters quickly became the new heroes.

With these words begins the film.

Squadron "Lafayette» (2006) 2

Hero James Franco ordinary American guy the beginning of the last century, he was not very lucky in life and lenders father took the family ranch. Determined that his soul belongs to heaven, the hero Franco enters the squadron of American volunteer pilots. After making an emergency landing, the main character meets a lovely Frenchwoman Lucien.

In the courtyard of the First World War and lifetime is from three to six weeks. Every new departure koto some of his comrades did not return home. So it was with Kesidi the best ace squadrons and older brother to every young pilot.

- If I do not return, no matter where they bury me. Bury me where it will be easier for you. I do not believe in God and I don’t need a memorial service, but if her absence causes Porter’s displeasure, I’m ready to stand the funeral. Good luck to you all. Vivalo Squadron. Here I met the only true friends.


"The film tells the story of the struggle for the sky during the First World War, friendship, honor in battle and of course about love. "

- Jenson flew throughout the war. Upon returning home, he was greeted as a hero. Skinner joined the US Army. He was not allowed to fly, he returned to America and became one of the first pilots of the US airmail service. Beagle stayed in Europe, married an Italian, and opened his own air circus.

Squadron "Lafayette» (2006) 3 Rawlings went to Paris, but was never able to find Lucien. He returned to Texas and built one of the state’s largest ranches. He never flew again ...

With these words, the film ends. All pleasant viewing!


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