Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin
Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin. A photo. Characteristics.

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin is a multipurpose helicopter developed by the French-German concern Eurocopter. Helicopter - the further development of AS365Dauphin helicopters. The initial designation is AS365N4. Externally similar to its predecessors, it has a much more extensive fuselage, which made it possible to increase the volume of the cargo compartment by almost 40 percent and is equipped with a modern spheriflex rotor and a fenestron tail rotor with a reduced noise level. The dimensions of the cargo compartment are 2.55мx2.10мx 1.54м, and the total volume of 6.8.m. The helicopter is placed in the passenger version up to 12 people and in the VIP version 5-9 people.

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin photo

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin photo

The development of the helicopter began in September 1996. The first flight was 17.06.1997. The helicopter was first shown at the Paris Aviation Exhibition in June 1997. At the same exhibition, the first contract was concluded with the Norwegian companies HelicopterServicesofNorway for the supply of 6 helicopters. The 3 serial helicopter was first produced by the 16.03.1999. They were placed in the Coast Guard Germany. The start of operation of helicopters dates back to 21.01.2000. At the beginning of 2000, we signed contracts for the delivery of 35 EC155 helicopters.

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin photo salon

Eurocopter EC 155 B Dauphin photo salon

Features helicopter EC155 B Dauphin:

  • Range: 823km

  • Cruising speed: 274km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 4572m

  • The highest take-off weight: 4 290kg

  • Cabin height: 1.34m

  • interior length: 2.55m

  • The greatest number of passengers: 12

  • Interior width: 1.88

  • Height: 3.64m

  • Length: 12.71m

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