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Eurocopter EC725 Cougar
Military aviation
Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. A photo. Characteristics.

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar


Eurocopter EC725 Cougar- multi-purpose helicopter, which was created by «Eurocopter». First flew in November 2000.


Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.


In service

  • France
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Thailand


Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.

Features helicopter Eurocopter EC725 Cougar:



  • Crew: 1-2
  • The greatest number of passengers: 29
  • Capacity: 5555kg
  • Length: 19,5m
  • Fuselage length: 16,79m
  • The diameter of the rotor: 16,2m
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 3,15m
  • Maximum width of the fuselage: 2,0m
  • Height: 4,97m
  • The area swept rotor: 206,12kv.m
  • The base chassis 5,25m
  • Track chassis 3,0m
  • Empty weight: 5445kg
  • The highest take-off weight: 11000kg
  • with outboard load: 11200kg
  • Powerplant: 2 × turboshaft TurbomecaMakila2A
  • Engine power: 2 × 2101l.s. (2 × 1567kVt)
  • the cargo compartment length: 7,87m
  • Width of cargo cabin: 1,8m
  • The height of the cargo compartment: 1,45m
  • Usable volume of the cargo compartment: 15,0kv.m
  • The maximum permissible speed 315km / h
  • The speed at FL: 296km / h
  • Practical range: 1450km (without additional tanks)
  • Ferry range: 1852km
  • Flight duration: 6,5ch
  • The load on the drive: 53,4kg / m (at maximum takeoff weight)
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 285Vt / kg (at maximum takeoff weight without suspension)


Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo. missiles

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.


Combat radius:

  • 19 when the transfer of soldiers (110kg) 463km
  • when searching for 30 minutes over the sea area of ​​the sea and the supply of fuel to 30 minutes of flight: 389km

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photos of the cabin.

Eurocopter EC725 Cougar. Photo.


Gunnery Weapon:

  • 2 × 20mm 180 cannon shells on the trunk and / or
  • 2 × 7,69mm 1000 machine gun rounds on the barrel
  • Unguided rockets: 2 × 19 × 68mm missiles


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