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Fedoretc Semyon. Biography. Fighting. A photo.
Fedoretc Semyon. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Fedoretc Semyon. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. A photo.



In 1941 was Simeon graduated from the Aero Club and became a student of the Odessa school of pilots. Upon completion of training in March 1944 was sent to Leningrad front. His regiment was allowed to combat duty, after being rearmed on Aircraft F-39Already in May. But the front rolled away from Leningrad borders and German planes rarely flew there. Fedoretc committed until the end of the war only a few flights, only two saw a German plane, and that - from a distance.

In 1946 g, after the dissolution of his regiment, he was in Fedoretc 26-th regiment, and served there until 1949 In September he was transferred to the Far East. In April 1952, together with his regiment, departed to China "spetskomandirovku". In late August, his regiment moved to the airfield Antung (front) and started fighting from September.

17.12.1952 Fedoretc Simon was able to win his debut victory - shot down F-86. 19.02.1953 them a second aircraft was destroyed. Fedoretc soon became commander of the squadron. His third victory Semen won already 21.02, 3.03 and he destroyed another "Saber".

Fedoretc Semyon. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. A photo. 2


12.04.1953 Semyon in a difficult battle, shot down immediately 2 American aircraft, including the famous Asa Joseph McConnell. His MiG-15 in the match was badly damaged, and the pilot had to parachute. After rest and treatment, Fedoretc returned to the regiment and performed even 20 departures, while knocking 2 "Sabre".

Fedoretc Semyon. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. A photo. 3


In total Fedoretc performed 98 flights, conducted 40 battles, they won 7 official victories. Upon returning home he continued his service. Following the resignation of Colonel Fedoretc he worked at the Kharkov Higher Air Force School teacher, transferring students with personal experience and their knowledge.


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