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FSUE training center
FSUE training center

FSUE training center



"Training center" in the city of St.-Petersburg (hereinafter abbreviated Center) based 01.06.1934.

The Center has a certificate ATC number 01, issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, valid till 25.11.2013.

The center is currently reorganizing the educational budgetary institution.

Location Center Address: st. Pilots 18 kor.4. , Aviagorodok, St. Petersburg, Russia.

For the accommodation and training of specialists have a private hotel.

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Simulator training is carried out, studied Aviation English, preparation for emergency rescue operations.

The center provides training on the following simulators:

- CBS Tu-204 / 214 integrated simulator;

DT for A320, B737 Classic / NG, B767Tu-204 / 214, An-148, Simulators for training in rescue work.

FSUE training center 2


Types of courses at the Centre:

Training courses for future members of the flight crew on the aircraft, equipped with a digital (display) indication;

Human Factors PDAs aircrew members;

Initial training for flight crew for the purpose of execution of international operations;

Aviation English language courses from the second to the third level;

Courses "phraseology of the English language";

Assessing the level of knowledge of the language and testing angliyskogom flight crew members of aircraft on a scale ISAO;

Courses rescue training at the opening stages of the annual training of cabin and flight crews of aircraft V737-400 / 300 / 500, A320 / 319 / 321, V737-700 / 600 / 900800/, B767, Tu-214 / 204, An-148.

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