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The film The Aviator and Aviation (2004)

The film "The Aviator" - the heart and soul of aviation

"There is no word" impossible ", anything is possible!"

Aviation - a vocation combined with a dream. It is a way of life that once found its course, never change its direction. Only the bravest will be able to tame the air waves of heavenly space, but dedicated to the cause, look at the sky not with the eyes and soul. Aviation takes under his wing iron strong and courageous, who did not give up and go to the end. It thus appeared before us, and Howard Hughes - the unique character of the film "The Aviator."

The film is made in the genre of drama, directed by Martin Scorsese, in 2004 year, and was able to make a lasting impression on the art lovers of cinema. This proves five deservedly received "Oscars" and three awards "Golden Globe". I would like to note the great game of actors who made the audience feel the atmosphere of the movie. Actors - Leonardo DiCaprio, who played beautifully eccentric and original personality of Howard Hughes.

The film is based on the biography of the stunning world of the person - Howard Hughes. American millionaire, son of the famous inventor from an early age have a chance to develop technical projects, but then he falls in love Aviation. He begins to make films about the First World War fighter and tries to get financial support, eventually successfully sold the painting, giving him the opportunity to continue designing innovative aircraft and have them tested. But soon begin military action, and Hughes receives federal order - development of fighter reconnaissance. Howard Hughes has not put one plane, even after the war, because of what the FBI begins to investigate. Unfortunately, at the Hughes develops a serious illness, and knocks him out of the rut.


The main idea of ​​the film - to convey the importance of unwavering belief in yourself. For example, Howard Hughes, you need to enjoy every moment of your life, and if the idea is born in the mind, there is no need to retreat, and boldly embody it in reality. No need to limit yourself to empty feelings that all may be in vain, and the action will not lead to the desired result. You just need to live their desires, to be obsessed with the idea, and strive to create something great, big and brand new - all these components are key to the undoubted success.