Flag Aviation
Flag Aviation

Flag Aviation

Officially approved banner of the Air Force of the Russian Federation (hereinafter Flag Aviation) Is a double-sided rectangular cloth blue. The blue color of the sky always symbolized and flights. The width of the flag is 113 centimeters, length - 170, with a margin for fixing the flag to a pole that is made of the same blue cloth.

Flag pole is made of wood, which is painted in brown. The shaft has a circular cross section four centimeters in diameter. The length of the shaft is 2,5 meters.

From the center of the flag aircraft fan out in different directions diverge fourteen yellow strips (called Rays). Four beam directed diagonally in the corners of the flag, and two panel perpendicularly intersect its sides and ends in the middle of the top and bottom edges. The remaining rays evenly spaced between the main.

Russian aviation flag

Russian aviation flag

On the front side of the flag of aviation in the middle is the coat of arms of the country in the form of a golden two-headed eagle with its wings raised upward. The double-headed eagle is an old heraldic symbol, which is everywhere found not only in Russia. Its values ​​may be different, but, unequivocally, this symbol is associated with aspiration and victory. Above the bird's head, two small crowns are placed on the arms, and a little higher - one big crown. Crowns are connected by a ribbon. In its paws the eagle holds the symbols of state power: in the right one there is a scepter, and in the left - the state. On the chest of the bird is placed a red shield, on which is depicted a silver rider, dressed in a blue raincoat. In his hand the rider holds a silver spear, which pierces a black dragon, thrown to the ground by the hooves of a silver horse.

The reverse side of the flag Aviation also includes the middle image, which is one of the three official insignia of the Air Force. On the average aviation emblem has the same two-headed eagle. The bird holds its wings outstretched; on the eagle's breast is always present in red shield, reminiscent of the blade, with the image of a rider who spearing a dragon. In the clutches of an eagle cross stacked silver two-blade screw and barrel of the gun: the gun symbolizes military aviation. Picture an eagle crowned with a golden crown.

The width of the emblem on the flag and emblem of aviation 80 centimeters.

Staple, pommel, inflow and nail heads Flag Aviation should be golden brown. On the bracket, which is the form of a long rectangle engraved with the name of the type of troops and the date of delivery banner. The metal backplate is designed as a slotted spear on which embossed the relief image of the Russian coat of arms.



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