Fokker 70
Fokker 70

Fokker 70. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics.


Fokker 70 - two motor narrow fuselage jet passenger aircraft, designed by Dutch firm Fokker airlines for medium and small extent. It is a smaller copy of the Fokker 100.

First flew in 1993 year. Most of the planes of this type of activity is still in operation, mainly aviation companies in Europe.

On the roof of one of the terminals on the terrace at Schiphol installed the original Fokker-7. On board you can climb for an excursion to the museum.

Major airline operators:Air Panama.AirQuarius Aviation.Alliance Airlines.Carpatair.KLM Cityhopper.Tyrolean Airways.Vietnam Airlines.Austrian Airlines.


Fokker 70 Salon

Fokker 70 Salon


Features Fokker 70:


  • Length: 30,91m.
  • Height: 8,51m.
  • Empty weight: 33565kg.
  • Wingspan: 28,08m.
  • Wing area: 93,5kv.m.
  • Cruising speed: 800km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 856km / h..
  • Ceiling: 10668m.
  • Flight range with maximum load: 3350km.
  • Crew: 2 person.
  • Number of seats: 80 places.
  • Capacity: 5670kg.
  • Maximum fuselage width: 3,3m.
  • Normal takeoff weight: 36740kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 41730 kg.
  • Weight of fuel in the tanks: 10731kg.


Austrian Airlines logoBest places of the cabin Fokker 70 - Austian Airlines


Fokker 70 interior scheme

Fokker 70 interior scheme


Fokker 70 video

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