Fokker F27
Fokker F27

Fokker F27. A photo. Characteristics.



Fokker F27 is a Dutch regional passenger aircraft.

For the first time soared 24.11.1955. It operated as a regional aircraft, mainly on short-range air lines. F27 aircraft has a pressurized fuselage, retractable tricycle landing gear with a nose wheel. The first copy of the plane FokkerF27 Frendship (which translated to English means "Friendship") became a registered airlines in 1958 year. Series production aircraft completed in 1986 year, simultaneously with the start of production of new aircraft Fokker 50.

F.27500 Friendship is a short-haul passenger aircraft developed by the Dutch company Fokker. The F27-500 is based on the F27200 and F27400 passenger aircraft. The first flight took place on 15.11.1967/1968/2,32. Early 1,78. put into operation. It differed from previous models by a longer fuselage and the presence of a cargo door in front of the wing on the left side of the fuselage measuring XNUMXxXNUMXm.

The F27500 aircraft, which were ordered by the French Ministry of Post and Communications, were fitted with cargo doors on both sides of the fuselage. In addition to the passenger plane, there was also a cargo-passenger version of the F27500M, which was built only for separate orders. In the early 80s, Fokker developed the new Fokker27 passenger aircraft based on the F50.


Fokker F27 Salon

Fokker F27 Salon


The aircraft is equipped with flight control and navigation systems with conventional electromechanical display means. Installed 2hTVD RollsRoyce Dart Mk.5367R having power 2140 horsepower propeller diameter 3,5 meters.


Fokker F27 specifications:


Length: 25,06m.

Height: 8,72m.

Empty weight: 11204kg.

Wingspan: 29,0m.

Wing area: 70,07sqm

Cruising speed: 518km / h..

Ceiling: 9000m.

Flight range with maximum load: 1826 km.

Engines: 2 × TVD RollsRoyce Dart Mk5327.

Link: 2 × 2250 hp (2 × 1678kVt).

Crew: 2 people.

Number of seats: 52-56mest.

Capacity: 5960kg.

Maximum takeoff weight: 19773kg.

Volume of fuel tanks: 6320l.

Rate of climb: 7,37m / s. 

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