Formation of control signals GTD
Formation of control signals GTD

Formation of control signals GTD



Converters discrete commands received from circuit breakers, relays, buttons, etc., Form a single code.

In addition, it provides for a special channel for connecting test equipment CPA, which allows verification and troubleshooting and, if necessary, to carry out a change of control algorithms parameters and replace control program to install electronic controller on board and during operation.

For generating control signals used amplifiers and converters with proportional pulse width (PWM) outputs. Control signals are applied to the actuators: proportional - to electromagnetic converters and PWM signals - solenoids.

Receiving the signal from the sensor signal and control the issuance of the actuators takes place within the system operating cycle constituting 10 ... 60 and selected depending on the dynamic characteristics of gas turbine engines and control channels. For in addition to the implementation of the motor control algorithms at runtime in the system are carried out:

- Pre-processing of the primary information (digital signal filtering, linearization characteristics algorithmic improved accuracy, the calculation of derivatives and other.);

- Information management and scheduling calculations;

- Programmatic control of hardware, system connections, mathematical software, the status information and the transfer of information;

- Algorithmic control implemented control programs, diagnosing the state of the system elements and the reconfiguration of management in case of failure;

- Transmission of information to the display and storage devices, on-board operating system tasks.

These tasks take up to 60% of the system cycle.

The systems perspective is supposed to use the onboard motor mathematical models and algorithms for the identification of options for adaptive management, monitoring and recovery in the event of failure of information channels, ie. E. The development of systems with artificial intelligence.

Onboard software is built in a modular fashion with the release of modules corresponding algorithmic tasks facing the system. It is developed in Assembler or high-level languages, and then with the help of a translator program is translated into machine language used by computers.

Built-in power supply converts the power coming from the on-board network of DC 27 in or stand-alone generator voltage to the required level and quality.

Building blocks of electronic controllers usually include a number of circuit boards, integrated circuit board. Depending on the installation site controller unit housing may be cast or stamped.


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