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Fuji T-1
Fuji T-1

Fuji T-1


Double single-Japanese fighter was designed with the participation of the American company "North America" ​​in 1950 years.

The first flight took place in the city of 1956


Fuji T-1 photo

Fuji T-1 photo


Power plant: One turbojet Bristol Siddeley «Orpheus 80506» with traction 1815 kg.

The performance characteristics of the aircraft Fuji T-1:

  • Wingspan, m 10,50

  • Aircraft length, m 12,12

  • Height, m ​​4,07

  • Wing area, m2 22,22

  • Launch weight, kg 5000

  • The maximum speed, km / h 925

  • The ceiling, 15 900 m

  • Range with full fuel

  • fuel (450 L) km 1300

  • Range with outboard

  • tanks, 1960 km


Fuji T-1 2 photo

Fuji T-1 photo



  • two guns, or four missiles "air - surface"

  • or two missiles, "air - air"

  • or two bombs, or two bombs with napalm


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