Functions ACS ECCD
Functions ACS ECCD

Functions ACS ECCD



The peculiarities of the "electric" GTE determine the directions of work on its electrification, which can be implemented in stages by building the "more electric" GTE at the 1 stage with the electrification of individual nodes while retaining the drive box of some units, with the transition to the "fully electric" GTE without drive. In the "more electric" GTE variant, the rotation of the starter generator can be carried out through the drive box, in the fuel supply and lubrication systems, as well as in the control of the compressor mechanization units, driven electric drives are used.

Functions ACS ECCD significantly expanded to provide management with electric devices: integrated starter-generator, electric drives of pumps in fuel supply and lubrication systems as well as the bodies of mechanization running of the engine.

As an electric drive of the control system devices, it is expedient to use a DC-controlled DC motor with excitation from high-energy permanent magnets. It has a number of technical and operational advantages in comparison with other types of electric machines, which include the absence of brush units that require maintenance, high torque overload capacity, high speed, wide range of speed control, minimum weight and dimensions, significant service life .

The motor control unit should provide control of the motor's speed according to the signals of the gas turbine engine. Limitation of the current in the armature windings, maximum and minimum rotor speed of the electric motor, control of power keys, monitoring of the technical condition of the electric motor. At the input of the control unit, control signals from the electronic digital controller are input via the multiplex communication channel, which specify the required rotor speed of the electric motor or the current value. From the control unit to the electronic digital controller via MKIO information is provided on the rotational speed of the motor shaft, the current in the control windings, and also the signals of the drive health monitoring system.

To move the guide vanes of the compressor unit is used on the basis of the electric valve motor with electric mechanism of translational motion, transforming its shaft rotation into linear movement of the output shaft, and a control unit.

The diagram shows an electronic digital controller of the FADEC type with compressor speed and compressor speed gauges gk, air pressure behind the compressor pk, fuel flow Ct- gas temperature behind the turbine T, pressure and air temperature at the engine inlet ph, Tx, etc. The composition Systems include control units for electric drives of the mechanization of the air-gas engine traction: the guiding apparatuses of the compressor aNa and the air-recirculation valves / gk., As well as the electric drives (electric motor with the control unit) of the fuel pumps tems, ensuring the required flow GT fuel.


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