Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.
Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.

Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo.



Born into Fisher 1925 Before the end of the war came into US Navy. V1949, after two years of training in Iowa State University I was in the army. In December 1950 he completed training at a flight school. On the distribution was in 80th Fighter Bomber Squadron. Then it was based on the division of the Japanese-based Itatsuka.

Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 1


As the start of the Korean campaign, the squadron made flights to Korea - with the base was close. The main objective of 80th FBS was ground attack targets on the ground, and collisions with enemy fighters almost was not. But there were ethical problems - often become targets for attacks villages and settlements.

The young lieutenant Fisher came close fight with the enemy, rather than the daily routine sorties to attack, he began to send reports on the transfer of command. 1951 spring, his squadron was transferred to South Korea.

For the first time Fisher "smelled gunpowder" during based at Kimpo - His plane damaged by ground fire. The pilot was able to land attack, but recovery is not subject to it.

Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 2


Put forth to 100 hours, Fischer was transferred to headquarters. But he managed to knock permission to return to the army and received a long-awaited "Sabre". First victory could win already 26.11.1952. By the end of January 1953 5, he won victories and became jet ace. By the beginning of April this year, has already 10 MiGs shot down.

7.04.1953 Fisher and his wingman took off on patrol. In flight, collided with the four MiGs. Soviet pilots shot Fisher, he managed to eject.

On the ground, Harold had to flee from the peasants, he was captured by Chinese soldiers and captured. There he stayed until 1955 city

Harold Fisher ("Hal"). Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 3


After returning home he continued to fly. In 70-ies was an adviser to the South Vietnamese Air Force. In 1978 he retired. In 1994 was visited Ukraine and met with veterans of the Soviet Air Force, took part in the battle, where he was hit.


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