Hymn of long-range aviation
Hymn of long-range aviation

Hymn of long-range aviation



Profession pilot is perhaps one of the few where romance and pragmatism came together in an unusual symbiosis. It was so romantic and pragmatic at the same time, it is our hero, comes from the Polish town of Zamosc.

The love of a boy flying a profession absorbed, it can be said, with his mother's milk. His father was a military pilot. In the hometown of Yuri Baranov housed Aviation Regiment. Both father and mother were in it. Therefore, career guy was, like, predefined.

Once you see the snowy Irkutsk, Yuri Baranov fell in love with this city and moved there permanently. First is in the management of aviation: cares enough. We had to fly a lot and often in different garrisons. Yuri Baranov was engaged, inter alia, issues of discipline and hazing. Later Rams head the supervisory department of Irkutsk administration and will be engaged in any kind of public complaints. Quite a difficult job. But the official career was not killed in the former pilot Romance: on the contrary. In his spare time he writes poems, plays, short stories.

The words of one of his poems about the long-range aviation pilots were set to music. "Dalnik" is known by many today as a hymn of Russian aviators. And this is not surprising as both a pilot can not better express all that is associated with this profession, to find words that sink down into the soul of the one who sits at the helm. Preparing for a concert over 90-anniversary of aviation. Write music composer asked from Moscow Alexander Shevtsov. When Anthem submitted, one of those invited to listen to aviation commanders said that the song seemed to him very dear and familiar. Anthem Russian long-range aviation approved without further ado.

Recently, Yuri Baranov pays much attention to the tales for children. The central point of which is often a beloved Irkutsk: old buildings and streets come alive again as a new life thanks to the pen of Yuri Baranov. He skillfully flies into the adventure and magic of the real facts. And the main character of fairy tales for children is the granddaughter Baranova, whose name Taisia.

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Literary creativity Yuri Baranov has earned him more than one award and prize.