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Hypersound is not the limit: Charles Bombardier and its unique supersonic aircraft
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Hypersound is not the limit: Charles Bombardier and its unique supersonic aircraft

Hypersound is not the limit: Charles Bombardier and its unique supersonic aircraft


Information that the world-renowned designer and the inventor intends to begin work on the design of a unique supersonic aircraft appeared as early as the end of last year, however, only on the eve of the day became known details that after the conducted simulations, work on developing an equally unique passenger aircraft may begin as early as the middle of this year.


Bombardeir Antipod (concept)


According to the first officially published data, it became known that initially the aircraft would be a purely administrative type aircraft, allowing to accommodate up to 10 passengers on its board. In turn, Charles Bombardier did not rule out that if this project succeeds, in the future work will begin on a full-fledged airliner capable of transporting up to 50-70 people between different remote points of the globe. Experts believe that the transportation of a specified number of passengers is the most optimal option, since based on the flight performance of the future project, it follows that a flight from London to New York will take only 11 minutes, that is, in fact, air carriers receiving this aircraft can Carry out an 2-3 flight within an hour, thereby adjusting to passengers, and not vice versa.


The concept version of the Bombardier Antipod


According to the original design studies, a unique supersonic aircraft will be able to accelerate to an speed of 30 thousand kilometers per hour, without any threat to its condition and passengers, while overclocking will only take a few minutes and with a very smooth acceleration that In turn, will avoid overloading for passengers. Nevertheless, Charles Bombardier did not specify which fuel will be used by the aircraft, but apparently, in addition to conventional aviation, a special oxidizer can also be used, which will be able to accelerate the aircraft to extremely high speeds, which, according to experts, Can lead to a significant rise in the cost of the operation of a hypersonic aircraft of this type.

Be that as it may, if the hopes of Charles Bombardier correct, then it is likely the aircraft of this type will make its first flight by the 2025 year.


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