Year of "survival" for Russian airlines
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Year of "survival" for Russian airlines

Year "survival" for Russian airlines.


Specialists and experts have already named 2016 very difficult year for domestic airlines, and, this is expressed not only aggravated the economic crisis, but the actual balance of power in the civil aviation of the Russian Federation.



According to some assumptions, 2016 will have a huge impact on the activities of domestic airlines, in particular, it is expressed primarily in the ability of Russian air carriers to optimize their activities, however, as it was demonstrated last year, the airline management does not think to move in terms of developing new ones Route air routes to ensure the most effective operation, in fact, by performing flights on previously profitable routes with aircraft loading less than Than half. This, of course, does not apply to everyone, but the very fact that air carriers continue to suffer heavy losses and do not take any measures obviously makes one think about some inadequacy of the decisions made.

Among other things, 2016 year will be challenging for at least three or four Russian airlines whose names are for some reason it is not necessary to disclose


Except for the fact that it is necessary to note that these carriers have huge debts to its creditors, which in view of the crisis of the financial situation in Russia, only exacerbates these problems, and, more likely to be noted that in 2016 year, with the air transport market likely disappear, at least, 1-2 airlines that could seriously aggravate the situation in air communication for a number of air routes.



In addition, the situation is very much aggravated by the fact that it is currently banned air travel to a number of regions, in particular, domestic airlines can not fly to Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine, while for many domestic flights shedule, these routes accounted for most of revenue, with the arrival of the summer season can be a disaster.

Earlier news agency already provides information about what the best option for Russian airlines will be making a good air service on domestic routes, in particular, in front of several dozens of carriers there are hundreds of options to create their own in routing that will still be profitable, unlike Most areas that promise a loss.

Of course, I want to believe that problems in the Russian civil aviation in the near future will be resolved, or at least minimized, however, by the carriers need to take resolute measures to establish its effective operation, as in fact, to "survive" in this difficult situation is very problematic.


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