heat shield
heat shield

heat shield


Fairing (GO) - This is the front part of the aircraft or missiles. Specially designed shape provides the lowest aerodynamic drag. In addition to the aircraft industry, fairing designed for very fast ground or underwater vehicles.

The fairing is mounted on missiles, it has a number of features. It consists of a chamber containing a payload (e.g., satellite) and an outer surface which is designed for exposure to high temperatures. The most profound studies of supersonic flight marked the creation of fairings for nuclear weapons and spacecraft. Usually fairing have tapered shape of the body.

To date, the existing trends in the development of national and world space rocket technology used to increase the weight and dimensions of the cargo to orbit, which, in turn, increases the requirements for civilian launch vehicles (LV). Although the operation of GO during flight is only a few minutes from its construction with minimum terms of weight depends on availability, integrity and protection of the heating surface of the passage RN dense layers of the atmosphere.

Rocket fairing

Today, for the DPP uses two main structurally-power circuit (CIL) - a three-layer shell with different types of fillers or reinforcements. The main feature of the CMP considered the fact that the load seen lining and filler provides rigidity and resistance to bending.

High-modulus and high-strength polymeric composite materials (PKM) made of glass, carbon fiber, honeycomb core and organoplastics are increasingly used as structural materials for the main layers of GO. Due to the fact that during operation GO is subjected to both power and intensive thermal impact, during the design many designers set the task to provide not only bearing capacity, but also acceptable ranges of temperatures of the inner and outer surfaces of the shells. The resistance to external temperatures is usually ensured by structural transformation into PCM, where the adhesion properties of the adhesives do not occur and are not violated. At the same time, special heat-shielding coatings are used to increase the permissible temperature index.

Depending on the degree of connection to all heat-bearing capacity of the coating can be divided into two types:

  1. With the support body (integral).
  2. Attached performing police functions.


For the manufacture of thermal protection are used as indestructible materials, and collapsing. Determination of the calculated heat regimes, the choice of rational parameters of the coating and its thickness is considered a complex issue. For such structures, thermal protection is fully provided through the use of ablating heat-shielding coatings. The permissible temperature range for the surface of the power shells of HE is controlled by the existing requirements for its internal space in which the SG is located. 

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