Command of the air
Command of the air

Command of the air


Control of the air - a decisive superiority aircraft of one of the warring parties in the airspace of the theater of operations. The scale may be strategic, operational and tactical. The decisive role in the conquest of the air belongs to the Air Force and air defense troops

Ensuring the Air Force combat operation actions of one fighter or the combined action of various types of air power against the enemy Air Force is just one part of the struggle for supremacy (domination) in the air. Basically, air superiority is achieved by systematically organized struggle against enemy aircraft.

This struggle, in addition to "security" and defense measures include the following active measures:

  • a) wide, systematically carried out (on a broad front and in the rear of the enemy) reconnaissance of the enemy groups (airfields), its activity (monitoring of airfields and military work TTO), object of the aviation industry, air bases and aviation training centers, supplying and replenishing Soy aviation, part (agent and aerial reconnaissance);

  • b) the systematic destruction of the enemy air force in the air and on the ground.

Air Force destroyed the enemy in the air in air battles and battles, conducted both over enemy territory and over its territory during its invasions (bombing enemy action, airborne assault forces, the actions of large groups of its fighters on the battlefield).

The constant monitoring of the enemy airfields and the flights of small and large groups of its aircraft, surveillance of these groups and radionavigation of fighter groups on them (and in case of a major invasion and groups of other types of aviation), to repel an enemy raid, can destroy its aircrafts over its own territory Or as a last resort on the approaches to their territory and to the most important objects. In extreme cases, the air force of the enemy is destroyed when their ROs is reversed. One of the main ways to destroy enemy aircraft returning from raid is to attack it at the airfields after landing.

The ultimate goal of fighting the Air Force in the battle for tactical and operational control of the air will be:

  • a) to deprive the enemy air force to freely carry out their basic tasks, mainly where it is necessary for our operations or battle;

  • b) to provide its troops and navy to carry out their tasks without counter enemy aircraft.

In this struggle for supremacy in vozduhe- involves all kinds of aircraft.