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GP Research Institute "Buran"
GP Research Institute "Buran"

GP Research Institute "Buran"



State Enterprise Research Institute "Buran" develops and produces navigation equipment for vehicles, passenger aircraft and military helicopters: multifunction board indicators meteonavigatsionnye radar warning system for approaching aircraft. The main products of the company are: Radar equipment and systems;

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Onboard the aircraft navigation radar equipment; The aviation navigation and control equipment; Navigation lights: Automated navigators, aircraft; Sensors, aircraft critical airflow; Indicators for aviation equipment failure devices and on-board systems.

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State enterprise "Research Institute" Buran "develops and produces, together with Novator and Radar factories, on-board radars for helicopters and military transport, civil and aviation aircraft, and also to operational facilities. Time together with the open joint-stock company "Titan-Buran" produces domestic TCAS systems (prevention and prevention of collisions in the air of aircraft.) With the active participation of the Research Institute "Buran" in 2001, Vaya system in its class - "SPS-2000".

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Radar, designed to SRI "Buran" equipped aircraft AN-140, AN-70, IL-96, AN-148, TU-204, Baie-200, IL-114, AN-74T AN-74, AN-74T200, AN-74TK-300, AN-72, AN-71, AN-72P TU-334. Performs work on supply systems "SPS-2000" aircraft such as the AH-26, IL-76, AN-24, AN-72, AN-12, and AN-140.


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