Civil aviation in Russia and the coming crisis 2016 years.
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Civil aviation in Russia and the coming crisis 2016 years.

Civil aviation in Russia and the coming crisis 2016 years.

It's no secret that at present civil aviation in Russia is going through far from the best times, and it is expressed not only in the difficulties with the development of passenger transportation on the territory of the country, but also with the actual reduction in the main performance indicators of Russian air carriers, which, in part For their own development strategies, in part because of government regulations, they lose not only their passengers, but also most of the profits, gradually approaching bankruptcy. This, of course, does not apply to all domestic air carriers, however, despite this, the crisis predicted by experts in 2016 can seriously hurt even the largest Russian airlines, not to mention small air operators.

Certainly is a big question entered by the concept of crisis, however, it suffices to note that with the reduction in the number of popular in routing, among which it is worth noting the Ukraine, Turkey and Egypt, the number of Russian passengers using the services of domestic airlines, can be reduced to 5-6 million and taking into account the characteristics of cost, domestic airlines may simply be short of profit 1,5-2 billion.

Nevertheless, the management of domestic airlines intends to overcome the consequences of the crisis, developing new in routing, and trying to make them popular for Russian tourists, but, according to experts news agency, such measures are not effective, and if customers have air carriers will not be, most of all, instead of the expected profit, the air carrier will face big losses, which can not tolerate in any way.

One of the most optimal options for confronting the crisis of passenger transportation in 2016 is the reduction in the cost of air tickets and the provision of favorable tariffs to passengers, as our resource already reported about 4-5 months ago - the actual cost of air travel is inflated by domestic air carriers almost five times, which naturally repels customers . Last week, the first attempts were made to take this situation under control, providing Russian youth with special tariffs on attractive, and not unprofitable for Russian airlines, which would lead to an increase in passenger traffic, and partially compensate for the lack of income. Nevertheless, Russian airlines ignore such actions for some reason, referring to other opportunities, which, however, as the great practice shows, in most cases are not perfect, and lead to serious financial problems for airlines, including bankruptcy.

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