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Grumman JF / J2F Duck. A photo. Characteristics
Grumman JF / J2F Duck. A photo. Characteristics

Grumman JF / J2F Duck. A photo. Characteristics



A type: one-motor amphibious biplane general purpose

Crew: the crew to three people

On the plane, "Duck» (Duck - Duck), is the first amphibian designed by the legendary manufacturer of equipment for the Navy by "Grumman» (Grumman), strongly influenced by the previously manufactured by the aircraft - carrier-based fighter FF-1 and F2F start 1930 years. "Grumman" also borrowed ideas operated while in the Navy amphibious "Loening» (Loening) 0L-9, which resulted in the proposal of the aircraft XJF-1. Navy appreciated the "paper project" Company "Grumman" and agreed to finance the prototype properly.

Flight tests revealed no serious problems with the new amphibian, and the Navy ordered the start of a series of aircraft 27 "Duck", the first of which was delivered at the end of the year 1934. Plane J2F significantly superior aircraft 0L-9, having a higher rate of climb, maximum speed and service ceiling. In its role as a general-purpose aircraft and reconnaissance missions, the aircraft "Duck" delivers equal lots for almost a decade, since 1934 years. Moreover, coastal defense and Marines also received these aircraft.

His last planes "Duck" (J2F-5) company "Grumman" built in 1941, after which the following 330 aircraft (J2F-6) were built by the corporation "Columbia Aircraft Corporation» (Columbia Aircraft Corporation). Although up to 1990-x survived a dozen aircraft, but the aircraft J2F-6 number 33549, owned by "Wicks Air Muzeum» (Weeks Air Museum), is now in a state of airworthiness.

Grumman JF / J2F Duck. Photography


Basic data


  • Length: 10,36 m
  • Wingspan: 11,89 m
  • Height: 4,24 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 1996 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 3493 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 306 km / h
  • Range: 1207 km
  • The power plant, "Wright» R-1820-54 «Cyclone» 9
  • Power: 900 l. from. (671 kW)


Date of first flight: 4 May 1933 years

The surviving airworthy modifications: J2F-6

On right: Plane J2F-6 number L8032 was damaged when Hurricane "Andrew" struck the Tamiami 1992 year in August, though this amphibian repaired to the state of airworthiness.





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