Gyrodyne QH-50
Gyrodyne QH-50

Gyrodyne QH-50

QH 50 - it is anti-drone, developed by Gyrodyne. The company has developed a rotary-wing UAV based microhelicopter Rotorcycle. Several modifications have been accepted by the Navy of the United States. This machine is equipped with an autopilot, two acoustic torpedoes Mk 44 electrical system and control the power plant.

Flying a modification passed smoothly in the fall of 1963 takeoff was made with anti-ship deck. The machine threw a torpedo at a predetermined location and return. Petagon ordered a large number of models, but in a short time from 750 362 cars crashed. The reason for that - design defects.

Gyrodyne QH-50. Characteristics:

The diameter of the rotor, m 6.00
Weight, kg  
null 524
maximum take-off 1036
Fuel l 197
engine's type 1 x TVD T50-BO8A
Power, hp X 1 326
Maximum speed km / h 148
Flight distance, km 132
Practical ceiling, m 5000
Armament: 2 homing torpedo Mk-44 or one Mk-46.


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