Characteristics of stock GDU OT
Characteristics of stock GDU OT

Characteristics of stock GDU OT



The objective of managing the coordination modes of the OT and in the process of working out the engine operating disturbances can be defined as the task of preserving the regime of their joint work, given the control program for the steady-state regimes, t. E. Achieve invariance mode matching to the perturbation.

The physical cause of the error matching of the engine and the OT on the transition modes SU is the disparity between the rates of change of disturbing factors and speed control loop OT. There are two ways to resolve this contradiction: the limitation of disturbances (range and rate of change mode of operation of the engine, the angle of attack and slip) and speed the SU to values ​​that ensure parry perturbations.

With integrated management of limited rate of change of the air flow through the engine in the reset mode and gas pickup condition for conservation reserves set GDU SU VZ and by acting on the fuel in the main combustion chamber of a turbine engine.

As a characteristic of the stock OT CDB system uses ALKklina deviation from the position specified by the program regulation, or rejection of the aerodynamic parameters of the closed control Ae from the set value. The integrated ACS corresponding change in fuel consumption can be accomplished through direct control dispensing tap alarm ALk (Ae), and by correcting this signal management programs are used for dispensing fuel to the pickup and discharge modes.

With such a control undesirable inevitable limit the rate of change in engine thrust. Preferably, the method of management that allow for the preservation of GDU SU without restrictions on perturbation. The natural limitation in this case is achievable drive speed regulators SU.


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