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Heinkel He-51
Military aviation
Heinkel He-51

Heinkel He-51. Istrebitel.Foto. Characteristics.



The first fighter - biplane Heinkel 1930 appeared in the year, at the urging of Hitler, who wanted to bring back the German aviation. He showed himself very well in the Spanish Civil War and played a major role becoming the German Air Force.
Ernst Heinkel, since 20-ies, worked hard to create a fighter - biplane equipped with 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of 750 hp But only in the first 1933 He-51 year it was designed.


Heinkel He-51 photos on earth

Heinkel He-51 2 photo

He was good aerodynamically, with a large spread wings, had a rounded shape horizontal and vertical tail. Tricycle landing gear with wheel back support. Wheels and rack closed fairing. On the orders of the Luftwaffe, they began to mass-produced with 1934goda.


Heinkel He-51 photo on the water


When conducting a large propaganda campaign in favor Lyuftaffe, in the center of the publications he was exactly He-51. Its elegant appearance, he looked like a racing car at the time. Prior to 1938 years this machine was the main fighter of the German Air Force.

During the war in Spain, He-51 proved himself a very good side. It was shot down many aircraft Republicans, and won air superiority


The performance characteristics of He-51
Data are given for He 51
Type - single-seat fighter
Engine - BMW-VI-7,3Z, power take-off 750 l. from.
Armament - 2 × 7,9-mm machine gun MG-17 500 with bullets to the barrel
Maximum speed:
330 km / h at sea level
310 km / h at an altitude of 4000 m
Cruising speed:
280 km / h at sea level
258 km / h at an altitude of 4000 m
Range of flight - 570 4000 km at an altitude of m
Time to lift height:
M 1000 - 1,4 minutes
M 2000 - 3,2 minutes
M 4000 - 7,8 minutes
Ceiling - 7700 m
The weight:
empty - 1474 kg
takeoff - 1900 kg
wingspan - 11 m
length - 8,4 m
height - 3,3 m
wing area - 27,2 square. m


But it lasted until October 1936, when the air came and our fighters-15, which had higher flight performance was better armed. After this He-51 aircraft were transferred to the category of ground forces support aircraft.


Heinkel He-51 video

Military aviation


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