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Israeli company Israel Aircraft Industries at the end of 80-ies developed a confusional combat drone, named Harpy. He is based on combat drone DAR company Dornier. Detailed information on missing Harpy.

Judging by the photos, it is a drone with a delta wing, which can perform autonomous flight program. There is no information about the warhead. But the assumption of experts, this high-explosive action. It takes off thanks to solid booster from the container, which is set to Auto terrain. As for the power plant, it is likely represented TRD.

Harpy used to fight enemy radars. Runs from a mobile launcher container type. It refers to patrol a given area. In the case of identifying the source of the radar study is able to determine the exact location of the target and hit it.

Included in the weapons the IDF. There is no information about the combat use of UAVs. But he is often shown at international exhibitions Aviation offered on experts (Turkey, India, etc.).

Today Harpy appears the most widely used combat drone. Jane's reports that he was sold to South Korea and India. It was also reported on the conclusion of a contract for an expert 100 drones South Korea. As a result, the Ministry of Defence has been allocated more than 50 million on this transaction. «Harpy could destroy enemy radars, which are at a distance of one hundred and fifty kilometers," - says Lee Wang Yong (Head of arms of South Korea). The contract for the supply of Harpy was signed in 1995 year. The approximate cost of the contract was 50 million.

The US Defense Department is considering selling the project Cutlass: based combat drone Harpy integrated with the search engine. In the event that this project be realized, during the 12 months it will be ready the first prototype. DAR and Harpy - two combat drones capable of attacking the radar immediately after its discovery, which in turn makes it very difficult counterattack. Such systems can be used to conduct electronic warfare and counter them, to destroy hardened targets reliably, as well as targeting and common tasks.

IAIHARPY. Characteristics:

Modification Harpy
Wingspan, m 2.00
Length m 2.30
Height, m 0.36
Weight, kg  
payload 70
maximum take-off 125
engine's type 1 TRD
Maximum speed km / h 250
Range, km 400
Flight duration, h 3
ceiling 3000


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