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IAI Heron is a medium-altitude unmanned long-duration flight (MALE designation - from long-endurance, medium-altitude). The device is designed for surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as perform many other tasks as a result of flights of long duration - at altitudes of up to 10,7 45 km hours. The latest version of the UAV more commonly known as Eitan or Heron TP (equipped with turboprop engines and has a larger size). 18 1994 October he made his first flight.

The on-board equipment includes a navigation system and an integrated receiver of SNS signals, thanks to which the device can fly off-line for a long time (it is able to perform almost the whole flight in this mode). There is also a semi-automatic mode - with operator intervention at any stage of the task. The UAV has the ability to take off and take off in an automatic mode, which, together with the round-the-clock nature of its operation, makes the vehicle a truly formidable and effective aviation platform. Having lost contact with the ground control unit, it can return to its base in an automatic mode.

The device may carry a full set of useful instruments: IR, and opto-electronic systems, small-sized radar, radio stations, and electronic intelligence, etc.

UAV with high efficiency is able to solve complex problems for further exploration of objects and enemy artillery fire, assigned to fire attack. Contact with the ground control or other consumers of information is available in real time, control target equipment - Command operator or automatically in combination mode or with manual ground.

To perform the tasks of the UAV has a range of MOSP TV / FLIR with real-time transmission system for the GCS or the EL / M-2055 SAR / MTI reconnaissance container. In addition, the UAV is equipped with a digital control system with two-way information transmission system compatible with the Searcher II control system. With regard to the management of land, there is applied the command post of GCS-3000, compatible with Hunter UAV.

The device is used effectively as a result of actions in 2008-2009 years in the Gaza Strip, and as various modifications adopted by the Armed Forces of Brazil, Australia, Ecuador, Canada, India, Germany, USA and Turkey.

IAIHERON. Characteristics:

Modification Heron
Wingspan, m 16.60
Length m 8.50
Height, m 2.30
Wing area, m2 13.00
payload 250
fuel 430
maximum take-off 1100
engine's type 1 914 the Rotax AP
Power, hp X 1 100
Maximum speed km / h 240
Cruising speed, km / h 231
Range, km 1000
Radius of action, km 231
during free flight to 926
Flight duration, h 40-50
The maximum rate of climb, m / min 198
ceiling 9145


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