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IAI Kfir
IAI Kfir

IAI Kfir


IAI Kfir (Lion) - The Israeli Air Force Fighter own production is in service with, at the 1974 2002, in the ranks was 6 this type of aircraft. In place of fighter-2 received new, more advanced C-7, in their ranks is 20 120 plus reserve. Fighter "Kfir" for combating air targets and attacking ground targets.


IAI Kfir photo

IAI Kfir photo

Power plant: One turbojet thrust 8120 kg.


IAI Kfir photo 2

IAI Kfir photo


The performance characteristics of a fighter "Kfir" C-2


  • Wingspan, m 8,22
  • Length, m 15,50
  • Height, m ​​4,25
  • Launch weight, kg 14 600
  • Flight speed at an altitude of 11 000 m, km / h 2450
  • Flight range, km 4000
  • The ceiling, 17 000 m
  • Crew 1



  • mm cannon 2x30
  • guided missiles 2h "Shafrir"
  • "Luz," "Maverick," "The Shrike"
  • unguided rockets 36x70 mm
  • 8 h127 mm
  • Bomb load kg 4000


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