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The game was released in May 2013, is a volatile mix of helicopter simulator with action game.


Thunder Wolves - A squad of mercenaries goal of the game - shooting combat helicopters enemy vehicles and buildings. Reserve magically replenished missiles, machine guns do not require recharging, the damage healed themselves. All this contributes to a fiery rain of bullets without interruption pouring on the heads of the enemy. Game - a fun shooter for fans of shooters.

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The company includes 13 game missions, each passes on their scenario differs from the previous ones. Cover SWAT various operations to defeat the troops and columns of armored vehicles enemy - keep players in suspense. Large-scale military operations and then replaced staged segments that offer to shoot a sniper rifle and heavy machine gun.


The destruction made way for ground troops fighting in the air, after the heroes of maneuver under fire from anti-aircraft guns. Some operations need to seize the land. The end of each mission, the player leads to a powerful boss.

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Interestingly, prior to departure, you can choose from several models of the helicopter. They are different weapons, health and maneuverability. Disadvantages primitiveness game mechanics are compensated very rapid change of scene conditions. But fans of this genre of games usually do not care. Why bother to mechanics, if you can have fun ironing next strengthening enjoying pyrotechnics.


It is best to play the Thunder Wolves with your friends - The game allows cooperative transmission. From this only increases the pleasure. You can organize competitions, who will take the longest line of the highest achievements in the table.

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Appearance Thunder Wolves deserve nice reviews. Heroes sweep over the cities, jungles and deserts. Emphasis is placed on a variety of bright explosions and pyrotechnics.


Developers Thunder Wolves made quite exciting and eventful company. The game allows the pilot to feel invincible iron bird and take part in exciting stories of different operations. For those who like to have fun with your friends, immersed in the atmosphere of boundless shooters - Thunder Wolves will be a very good gift.

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