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December 23 2014, the press service of JSC "Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin "informed about the conclusion of a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the development of a military transport plane Il-112V. Construction of the first prototype of the aircraft is scheduled for 2017 year and the beginning of serial production - 2019 year.


Russian designers of aviation technology are not standing still. And if fighters and bombers, thanks to the media and the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, are already well known all over the world, military transport aviation is always in the shadows. This is especially true of new promising developments. But besides PAK-TA, Which is designed for delivery in 2020-2030 year, there are new developments transport aircraft for the near future. That's just how they are new and promising, we try to understand.

IL-112V photo exhibition

IL-112V, as a replacement for the An-26

An-26 well-known transport military aircraft. NATO called "Whirlwind" we the people he called "Nastya". The aircraft has proven itself in the harsh conditions of combat operation, and in the Far North. As with all cars developed in the Soviet Union, An-26 has a large reserve in construction, reliable and easy to operate, in general, a good army horse, serving more than a dozen years. 


Unfortunately, any mechanism, and even more so such a complex complex as an aircraft, has its own limits for modernization and operation.

In the spring of 2015, the technical design of the Il-112V aircraft was defended in front of the customer (the Ministry of Defense), which approved the appearance of the aircraft, the composition of its systems and equipment, as well as a set of documentation. The aircraft's crew will consist of three people: two pilots and an onboard systems operator.

Here to replace our "Nastya," and to come IL-112, According to the Defense Ministry and designers CB "Ilyushin". In principle, the planes are quite similar in their characteristics. Engine parameters - too. Capacity at the IL-112 500 more on kg. But it is not the weight that you can deduct a plus.

It is not clear why one change to another freighter, with almost the same characteristics.

IL-112V scheme

If 70-s TTX An-26 were quite impressive, the performance characteristics of the IL-112 10-to mid-ies 21 century already look a little serious. In 2011, the military has refused to IL-112v now again the topic was raised. Do not blame the fact the notorious program of import substitution, under which corporations want to push projects and developments, so to say, not entirely new. But their own, domestic.

What is new is good LVTS (light military transport aircraft)

What and how much can transport trucks carrying capacity of tons 6?


One car GAZ-66, blank, board. Same old, like the An-26. And why should it be transported somewhere?

In the cargo and passenger variant, the declared payload of the 44 fighter. We will calculate the weight of a fighter about 80 kg, meaning a well-trained man, and not a draftee with "lamb" weight. A full set of soldiers weighs about 24 kg. This, together with weapons, ammunition, clothing, etc. That is, one fighter with a personal weapon will weigh 105 kg, or even more. 44 passenger x 110 kg = 4840 kg. And this is practically 80% of the board load. According to the staff list, a motor rifle company from 60 to 100 people, from the paratroopers of the company up to 80 people. That is, for one flight it will be possible to transfer an incomplete company, with a minimum of additional armament (MANPADS, ATGMs and others). And throw this company can only be on 1-2,5 thousand km. And this will go from 2 to 5 hours, the speed on the "cruiser" at IL-112 is equal to 480 km / h (in An-26 cruising was 435 km / hour).

What is the meaning of such a replacement, which are millions of rubles?

IL-112V engine

At that time, as we then put into production, it was removed from his next project, Brazil not only danced at carnivals. Figure new Brazilian medium transport aircraft designed to replace the C-130 Lockheed. Designer Embraer created a good machine for ground platforms.

TTX KC-390 impressive:

  • Cruising speed - 920 km \ hour

  • Flight range with cargo tonnes 19 - 6200 km

  • The maximum weight that takes the car - 23,6 tonnes

  • Length of cargo area almost 16 meters, C-130 - 12 meters, IL-112 - 11,3 meters (with a ramp)

  • Standard load - 14,5 tonnes

For comparison, the weight of our BMP-2 - 14 tons, BTR-70 - 11,5 tonnes of SMP-2 «Tiger» - 6,4 tons.

So what and where and for how much time can throw a 'new' freighter? In addition to half-company of fighters on the field of the big city?

Although light is incorrect to compare the IL-114 with an average transporters Embraer, we are trying to understand the issue of expediency of such a machine, and replace them AN-26.

The first aircraft IL-112V series will be built at the Voronezh plant by the end of the year 2016, maybe it will take a worthy place in the ranks of Russian BTA, who knows ....


Valery Smirnov specifically for

If it is not particularly known for what current tasks it is needed, then it can be assumed that it is created for something else - for example, what about the analogue of the US military with a laser on board? our Peresvet can cram into it or EW what

Everything that they are trying to "modernize" passing off as Rashin's "know-how" was designed by the USSR. And all this "modernization" is cutting the dough ... This country has no future ... unfortunately.

Somehow he looks like an AN-140

IL -112V - the first test of the Russian aviation industry (not to be confused with the Soviet) vysokoplana. It's like handing over state examinations Russian designers. This plane will not prodavatsya abroad, will not carry passengers. This is purely a training for designers and aircraft manufacturers mashina.Posle it will be very different machines - military transport aircraft

The performance indicators
Maximum payload kg 6000
Maximum range, km 6000
Cruising speed, km / h 550-600
Aircraft Length m 20,65
Aircraft height, m ​​7,90
Wingspan, m 23,45
The cross-section of the cargo compartment, m 2,4x2,4
Required runway length, m 1000

"And although it is incorrect to compare the light Il-114 with the medium-sized transport aircraft Embraer, we are trying to understand the feasibility of producing such a machine, and replacing the An-26 with it." ... but the hell are you comparing?
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Fall we have a lot, yes, but more on the import and carelessness, not trying to do and will not be, and on what fly our neighbors on the program of the open sky? You know, not to Boeing because, in the slug en, and why? ! and our (Good neighbors) we fly to their counterparts.

This aircraft is likely to need for the transfer of command staff, task forces, special. units or for mounting on him AWACS-type equipment, etc .. And for a company of paratroopers have IL-76.

This plane is not necessary at all. This is a cut of cash. It would be necessary to plant the responsible.


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