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Il-114 is a type of twin-engine turboprop aircraft for regional airlines. It took off for the first time on 29.03.1990/XNUMX/XNUMX.


December 1 2015, in the Volga Federal District, held its annual meeting with representatives of the presidential envoy to the local media. As background information, which is distributed before the press conference, among other things, it published the news of the resumption of serial production of short-haul aircraft IL-114. This is confirmed by Dmitry Medvedev in his blog on Twitter.

From the history

The initiative to create the regional and unpretentious aircraft was launched in the early 80-ies OKB. Ilyushin. Then the new aircraft planned to replace the exhaust resource An-24. Also, in some areas of the aircraft it was designed to replace Tu-134 и Yak-40.

In 1986 the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to begin the development of a turboprop, regional jet with a capacity of up to 60 places. The aircraft was operated from short runways and poorly prepared, poorly equipped in the "shtetl" airports.

March 29 1990, the new aircraft made its first flight. The plane began to produce Tashkent Plant (TAPOiCH).

In those difficult years did not have money even for military aircraft. Due to lack of funding delayed certification of the aircraft as much until April 1997 years. The plane finally received Type Certificate 130-114. The plane never went into mass production. It was released 17 machines. Of these, 2 car hit the crash. Seven aircraft operated by Uzbek airlines.

Recent news

Resumed release of turboprop aircraft, the KLA hopes to enter the world market and to compete in the segment of regional short-haul aircraft. Our main competitors are the Canadian firm Bombardier, Embraer (Brazil) and the Franco-Italian ATR group. This week, the world market in this segment, there was a new player with his plane. This Japanese company Mitsubishi, has introduced a new Regional Jet.

yl-114 new

updated Il-114

And if the market long-haul aircraft reign supreme Airbus and Boeing, and it seems to us there is nothing to do, that at short distances, we can still take their place under the sun.

Obvious advantages

In IL-114 has a number of undoubted advantages, which can be thus "skate" on which we can make a bet. Not having time to really work, Il-114 aircraft has earned a respectful nickname - "Rural flight".

The first advantage is the high quality and promising glider. Who for many years will not require significant rework. The second advantage - the autonomy of the aircraft from ground power supply. In the context of the remote is not very rich airfield is a very big plus. Machinery and ground units for powering the boards are quite expensive, requires trained personnel and funds for their maintenance. Another definite plus is the simplicity of the aircraft to the length and quality of the strip. Again, for regional airports is a godsend.

The cost of the machine, according to experts can make 16-17 million. ATR-72 25 million worth. A Dash 8 It surpasses 35 million. dollars. This is a powerful argument for entering the market. The cost of servicing the IL-114 also well below the competition. "Eat" our horse 590 kg \ h fuel, ATR, respectively 800 kg \ hour. A "Canadian" and does 2600 kg \ hour. Although capacity in import counterparts more than the IL-114 quite favorable forecasts for the market competition.

The military also needs

The Ministry of Defence is also interested in the launch of a series of IL-114. Probably follow the order on the specialized aircraft to perform tasks similar to those performed IL-38. The aircraft can be released in the antisubmarine version as a flying laboratory for other tasks.

As the aircraft may be useful as a main machine in the Arctic. Thanks to its performance characteristics it may be indispensable, and for communications with the mainland Arctic military and research bases, and bases for communication between them.

updated Il-114 cabin

updated Il-114 cabin

Plans to launch a series, in the current tense situation between East and West, is very timely, and fully consistent with the plans of the total import.

Cons also has

And as always, and everywhere, all about money. If a project with the support of the state, how will share the costs for the launch of mass production? According to analysts of group KLA, to start a series, you need a very serious amount - 500 million euros.. For aircraft need modern avionics, avionics. We need more modern engines and screws.

The concern KLA cool embraced the news of IL-114. Its prospects in the domestic market rather vague, experts say. Perhaps they have in mind is almost ready MS-21. But it also has enough problems, and the aircraft is still very "raw".

On the other hand, the project will not fall behind in the field of turbo-engines and aircraft with them. Development and support of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Volga Federal District, is also not in last place. After a series of run will be at the Nizhny Novgorod aircraft plant.

Deliveries of the base, the passenger version of the Il-114-300, 2019 are scheduled to year. Well, as always, time will tell whether the correct path has been chosen.


current status


Russian President Vladimir Putin in July 2014 was instructed to establish aircraft production for the domestic air travel market. It is possible to move the assembly of aircraft at Samara "Aviacor", but, according to experts, for the conversion of the enterprise and the establishment of production it will take 4-5 years 10 billion. Rubles.

In late August 2014, the reopening of the IL-114 was considered unwise for civil aviation. Update IL-114 old models expected to begin in the year 2015, and an entirely new modification expect to see in Russia to 2019-mu.


History of creation


The Ilyushin Design Bureau in the early 80s with the initiative proposed to create a new turboprop passenger 60-seater aircraft for regional airlines Il114. At that time, many foreign companies were developing similar aircraft with a theater of operation - ATR-72, ATR-42, Dash8-300, Fokker50, SAAB2000. The proposed Il114 aircraft project was considered as a replacement for the outdated An24Which at that time did not satisfy the requirements of aviation. Park An24 aircraft quickly began to decline due to development of the resource. Aircraft Il114 appointed as a replacement on a number of regional lines turbojet aircraft Yak40 и Tu134. The initiative was supported by the design office, and 1986 year issued a decree of the Soviet Union Council of Ministers on the development of the aircraft.


IL-114-100 1-th


The Il114 aircraft was intended for operation from rather short runways, which have a dense soil or concrete surface. Its design is based on the principle of independence from power sources on the ground, which makes it possible to use it in less equipped airports, thus increasing the geography of its use.

The aircraft uses a highly efficient wing, which was designed at the OKB along with TsAGI. Mechanization of the wing, represented by double-slotted flaps, makes it possible to land and take off from a runway less than 1600 meters long. When designing the aircraft, special attention was paid to reducing the noise level, both in the cockpit and on the ground. For this purpose, the SV-34 low-noise six-bladed propellers were designed, equipped with a synchronization system in frequency and phases of their rotation. In addition, the clearance between the fuselage skin and the blade tips increases. It is expected in the future the use of a theater with a capacity of about 2800 horsepower on an aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped with digital avionics TSPNK-114, having five color multifunction displays, developed by domestic companies, with the assistance NIIAO and Research Institute of the AU. Navigation equipment makes it possible to land in adverse weather conditions (II ICAO category). The aircraft according to customer requirements can be equipped with avionics of foreign manufacture.

IL-114 photo booths

The Il114 prototype took off for the first time on 29.03.1990/24.04.1997/130. The aircraft commander was Vyacheslav Semenovich Belousov, an honored test pilot. The certification and flight tests took place in different climatic conditions in Yakutsk, Tashkent and Arkhangelsk. The aircraft has been repeatedly demonstrated at air exhibitions in Farnborough, Paris, Berlin, Bangalore, Tehran. Due to the "lack of funds" the certification process was excessively delayed, and only on April 114, XNUMX, the aircraft was given Type Certificate number XNUMX-XNUMX from the IAC Aviation Register.

Serial production planned to build on the Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after Chkalova V.P. where created the production capacity of a hundred aircraft annually. Previously planned to produce airplanes also in Moscow at the MAPO named after Dementiev. In the post-Soviet period, the airline companies of the CIS countries did not show much interest to Il14, serial production of the aircraft never did.


Salon IL-114

IL-114 Salon


Current state


Il114 until 2012 was serially produced at the Tashkent Aviation Plant (TAPOiCh). A total of 17 vehicles were built. Seven aircraft are used by the aviation company "Uzbekiston Havo Yollari".

In 2012 the production of Il114 on TAPOiCH completed, the plant switched to other activities.

Manual "AK Ilyushin" committed to organizing production Il114 in Russia; they estimated that not less than one hundred aircraft Il114 to 2030 years require different departments of the Russian Federation, there are already thirteen Russian airlines preliminary applications for passenger Il48 114.

Aerodynamic configuration is a twin-engine turboprop nizkoplan odnokilevym with feathers and right wing.





The development of the Il114 cargo version began at the end of 1994. The Il114T cargo plane differs from the initial model with a cargo compartment equipped with floor mechanization, which ensures fast loading and unloading operations, and a side door located behind the wing on the left side of the fuselage. The door has an overall dimensions of 3,25 meters × 1,71 meters and opens upwards. The cab is equipped with means of preventing the movement of goods.

The aircraft can transport a different number of cargo pallets or containers, in particular, eight 3AK-0,6 or 3AK-1 containers, five 1AK1,5 containers, eight PA1,5 pallets or four PA3,0 pallets. Transportation of bulk cargo is possible.

Flight test pilot of the aircraft started in Tashkent in September 1997 years. Aircraft in August 1997 years demonstrated at the air show MAKS-1997. The aircraft has caused a particular interest due to the fact that in recent years the market has opened cargo planes equipped theater, which are designed to transport loads weighing six to eight tons.

We investigate Il114100T cargo version with Pratt & Whitney engines.

  • Il114-100

Another name - Il114RS (with the PW127H Pratt & Whitney theater (2 × 2750 horsepower). Flight tests started on 26.01.1999/1999/2001, and at the end of 300 it was registered with the Aviation Register of the IAC. It differs from the initial version in increased efficiency and a slightly longer flight range in conditions of maximum In 30, the first three aircraft became the property of the Uzbek aviation company O'zbekiston HavoYo'llari, which ordered ten aircraft. The market for aircraft of this modification is estimated at 2011. As of August 6, 91102, the fleet of O'zbekiston HavoYo aircraft 'llari "consists of XNUMX machines, five of which have the modern avionics of the" Collins "company (on board UKXNUMX, opposite the Russian TsPNK).

  • Il114LL

A flying laboratory based Il114 made in 2004 in Tashkent commissioned by the Scientific and Production Company of St. Petersburg "Radar MMS" in order to test the manufactured equipment. The general public showed MAKS-2005, which carried out a series of demonstration flights.

  • Il114-300

The aircraft is equipped with two TV7-117SM turboprop engines, the power of which is 2650 horsepower with six-bladed low-noise SV34.03 propellers, an auxiliary power unit TA-1 and a TsPNK114M2 digital flight and navigation complex.


modifications Projects


  • IL-114P - patrol version designed for the protection of marine areas and territorial waters. The layout includes a radio-electronic complex "Swift". The aft fairing is magnetometer. The maximum duration of the flight is 10 hours.

  • IL-114M, compared to the base case has increased the take-off base.

  • IL-114MA - modification of IL-114M with Canadian engines Pratt-Wethney, allowing to take on board passenger 74.

  • IL-114 MP - maritime patrol version of the aircraft in the mission which includes combating ships and submarines.

  • IL-114 FC is designed for military reconnaissance and terrain mapping.

  • IL-114PR - version designed for electronic intelligence.

  • IL-140 - aircraft for control of tactical air situation.

  • IL-140M - a special modification, designed for maritime rescue operations and management of environmental monitoring.


IL-114 interior schemes

IL-114 interior scheme


Features IL-114:


  • Length: 26.9m.

  • Height: 9.2m.

  • Empty weight: 15900kg.

  • Wingspan: 30.0m.

  • Wing area: 81.9sqm

  • Ceiling: 8000m.

  • Flight range with maximum load: 1500 km.

  • Engines: 2хP & WCPW127H.

  • Link: 2x2750l.s.

  • Number of seats: 64mesta.

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 23500kg.

  • Maximum landing weight: 23500kg.

  • Max. payload: 6500kg.

  • Capacity of fuel tanks: 8360kg.

  • the run length: 1400m.

  • path length: 900m.

  • Specific fuel consumption: 20.8g / pass / km.

  • Hourly fuel consumption: 590kg.

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 2.28m.




According to 2008, it was lost in the crash of IL-2 114. The accident occurred in 1993 g (test flight, Ramenskoye) in 1999, the (transportation of cargo, Domodedovo).


IL 114. Gallery.

IL 114 1 photoIL 114 2 photoIL 114 3 photo

IL 114 4 photoIL 114 5 photoIL 114 6 photo

IL 114 7 photoIL 114 8 photoIL 114 9 photo

IL 114 10 photoIL 114 11 photoIL 114 12 photo




  • At the end of 90-ies - $ 7-9 million;

  • as of 2009 of - $ 12,5 million.


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I like aviotehnik believe that it is not suitable for raskishih runway Yakutia, for example where the success of an operation and the 24 410 l in the mud depends precisely on the overhead is just kryla.vy of nevideli but there is dust in the summer and after a rain porridge there and fly we have normal runway

> Our horse "eats" 590 kg / hour of fuel, ATR respectively 800 kg / hour. And the "Canadian" is 2600 kg / hour.

Incorrect figures led 800 kg / h - An flow-24, in ATR-72-500 / 600 hourly consumption - a little more than 500 kg. About Q-400 not say, but navryadli 2,5 t - these costs are typical for the main aircraft with MTOW 50-70 tone.

And in the photo booth is not updated IL-114, and IL-114-100, which is commercially produced from 1999g. I do not scare people, it would look more modern IL-114-300.

Il-114, in comfort for passengers, is an airplane for a parachute landing. Who flew to IL-14, he will confirm that little has changed in this regard. I agree with the fact that it is enough to already exploit the idea of ​​aircraft fitness for any runway. We are ready to risk people and equipment, instead of building normal airports for take-off and landing ??? Perhaps it is intended, primarily for the Far North region, then I understand Rogozin, such an aircraft is needed. But then this is the only characteristic with which I have to agree. All other parameters: economy, range, capacity, etc. Let them leave for people very, very, very far from aviation and journalists.

Oh, and you generally been on board the IL-114?

What for? From the sofa and so it is clear.

IL -114.Ploschad wing should be increased up to 100 sq meters and for the North this aircraft will not replace years 50.Kak IL-14

It's true. And on account of distance is necessary to work carefully and thoroughly, increasing interest on 30%, so to speak !!!

Voracious AN-24 the engine AI-eats 24 705 kg / h at rated speed, and the author of DASH-8, despite the greater efficiency, 2600 kg / hour. The author, from such figures ?!

Yes, where they ... An-24RV still an hour spends about 800 kg, not 700. And the accuracy of 5 kg - this is only the economists, from flight crews, you will not see)

Where did you get the length of the run and the run?

I had to once fly on this plane. He left a bad impression. Noise is not less than the AN-24. When taxiing body and the chair go shake, it seems that the plane could fall apart. I was glad to end the flight and did not want to fly it. If you want to revive it, then over it still should work.

The machine economical, reasonably comfortable, tested in the northern regions and some great shows under Uzbek climate. I consider it expedient development of IL-114 program in Russia. It is time to move away from Western aircraft. Russia is capable of much !!! IL-114 Go!

I believe IL-114 and good flying machine. But, alas, this aircraft is a very long time to break into the light, so the best time had passed for him. Alas, it is so ...

You are not quite right. The same Boeing mocks the corpse 737 already from 1968 year. Painted, stuck new engines, avionics and voila, Boeing 737 MAX to your attention. For IL-114 they promise to redesign the wing, put modern avionics of CRET production and modernize the engine. To date, the Il-114 only have two serious problems: first - it's pretty worthless domestic engine (Uzbeks even abandoned it in favor of Canada, while the IL-114 TAPOiCh produced), the second - the destruction of the liberals in 90h (for the sake of the Russian People, of course) airfield infrastructure. If the project is implemented, then for the advancement will begin to restore the airfields, if they can find the means, then the benefits for ordinary people will be enormous.

If he comes to replace the An-24, then it will operate in the first place, where horseradish band. Certainly, the plane is unpretentious in this regard. Yes, that far - IrAero already took it out. In principle, I can inquire at the person who was flying instructor on it, he behaved.

My opinion about the plane Il-114 in general is not bad happened. For example, I flew on this aircraft any time and trust have always been confident in a successful flight. The only negative, which is worth mentioning because it is noise, sometimes simply lays the ears, and it is very unpleasant. Well, in general, a good airplane.

I IL-114 flew quite a while. And I can say that in comparison with AN-24 it is very quiet, but a bit cramped passages, nowhere to put clothes, but rather in general, develops a good impression about this machine. Airplane during takeoff and landing is not shaking and does not make noise, so very unpleasant sensations experienced. I believe that IL-114 has more pros than cons.

In general, aircraft grade IL-114, the whole world knows, and probably have rated it highly. So I like think of IL-114 the best car in the world and if I need now urgently had to fly on a business trip and at the same time I was offered to choose their own plane, I would choose only IL-114, because I believe this aircraft reliable and comfortable .

On the title picture in fact the Academy of Sciences ....

Wipe your eyes or go to Wikipedia if you do not know!


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